Mandolin setup in Wales

  1. greenwdse
    I have to give a plug here.

    In South Wales, there arenít too many choices for getting someone to set up a new mandolin. Since Iíd been using my mandolin for a year, I knew Iíd have to find someone soon. But if they exist, they donít advertise themselves very well. I contacted a few guitar shops but when I told them what I had, they never got back to me.

    I finally located some people not only willing to set up my mandolin, adjust the action and put on a new set of strings, but explain to me how itís all done, what they were doing, and how important it all is. Best of all, they were right next door all along.

    Itís an organisation called They specialise in guitars of course, but they also do mandolins too. But what makes these guys great is that itís all non-profit. They have skilled repairers train unemployed or low income local people and give them skills on how to be luthiers. And they also have programs to teach schmucks like me to feel more comfortable in adjusting the action and all that. I spent two hours last night having one of their craftsmen Dai (whoís been repairing for ďdonks,Ē) explain to me and show me exactly where and why my mandolin needed work. It was time well spent.

    And they also do tons of other projects as well like music therapy workshops, leadership development, media production, and it would be wrong of me not to spread the word.

    They also gave me a cuppa tea while I was waiting.
  2. Playford1651
    Very interesting - many thanks for sharing. Not quite "next door" for us in west Wales unfortunately; nevertheless, good to know about.
  3. stevenmando
    Hi just punch in , how to string a mandolin and you can get videos of how its done , once you get the hang of it , its easy , unfortunately that's the lest thing I like to do when I play mandolin but its necessary because the strings get wonky after a while , when I change strings I change each set separately so I keep the tension on the mandolin then after all the strings are on then you can tune each string , once you get the hang of it , its not that bad
  4. greenwdse
    Sure Steven, you say that NOW. But once I break the e string and start the tantrum replete with copious amounts of swearing, you'll think otherwise.
  5. stevenmando
    Sounds like me , I have been putting off changing the strings trying to get all the use out of them but they have just got to wonky and when your playing a song and the string goes , well strange , could not find a word so tomorrow is string day with bandages as I always end up poking myself and I have to close the doors because the cats won't stop futzing with the strings .
  6. Karaokeb
    Just like to say hello to members of the Welsh group I live about 5 mile south of Lampeter in Ceredigion. It would be nice to find a tech close by. If you know of anybody please let me know. I also run a couple of music clubs local to me and whilst which meet once each month. They both have facebook pages Cothi valley and district music club and Cledlyn music club if you would like to join to see what is going on locally to me would be gald to hear from you. Anybody know what date the Gower Bluegrass festival is this year?
  7. greenwdse

    I'm not too sure when the Gower Bluegrass Festival'll be this year. Dunno if they've announced it yet. First one to post wins. I know they have their own facebook site for regular updates.

    As far as set up goes, no idea. However, perhaps you might want to give a call to someone who MIGHT know. Cerdd Ystwyth Music - the West Wales Music Hub in Aberystwyth just may be able to help point you in the right direction.

    Also . . you might want to contact these guys.

    Oh and please feel free to link to your clubs here!
  8. greenwdse
    AHA! I may have found someone for you Kara! Steven Acworth used to tech Status Quo's equipment. But it seems he does more than just guitars. And he's very close.
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