Flatiron 84' A5-1 - about to get some major setup work done...

  1. How
    I'm about to bring in my beloved Flatiron 84' A5-1 in for some major setup. It needs fretwork and probably a new bridge (the current bridge is tilting forward - I think the posts for the screws on the adjustable bridge have bent forward from years of pressure because it looks to me like the foot of the bridge is still seated pretty well on the mandolin top).

    Anyway, I'm thinking about replacing the bridge with a Cumberland Acoustic adjustable bridge) and the tailpiece with an Allen or a James (leaning towards the James - just looks simple and practical).

    Are there any suggestions about other bridge or tailpieces I should consider? Or, is there a downside about replacing the original hardware with this upgraded stuff?

    I'll probably post this on the Flatiron group forum as well.

    Thank you for your opinions...

  2. Pjones3
    Hi How,
    Unless there is a specific reason to replace the tailpiece, (broken, bent etc.) why would you? Only the Flatirons have original Flatiron tailpieces...nostalgia....
    I have a Brekke bridge on my 84 Flatiron and it is a great bridge. I especially appreciate the adjustment adjustment feature using the wrench, (supplied), because it allows me to dial in the action for whatever set of strings I put on, ie, J74 v J 75. Since Bruce Weber makes the bridges and he also made Flatiron mandolins I sort of think of them as 'original' equipment. Here's a link to them: http://webermandolins.com/features/bridges
  3. How
    I'm not 100% sure I have the "original" tailpiece on my "FLatiron". It doesn't have anything engraved on it. The reason I'm considering changing it is that it's a little difficult to get the cover off. Can't do it bare handed. I need to put something between my fingers and the piece when sliding it off or I'll cut my fingers.
  4. Elb2000
    My A5 is from the same year. It has a plain tailpiece, and I use the plastic from the back of a pen to push it off when I replace strings. Not very fancy, but the tailpiece cover has never fallen which was a problem I’ve had or seen with other mandolins. I just had the frets dressed last month. I have an adjustable bridge (that I think is original) it’s fine, but is set fairly low with about 1/16” of thread showing.
  5. Eldon Dennis
    Eldon Dennis
    Based on my experience on my Flatiron I think you will like the results of putting a CA bridge on your mandolin. Just make sure it is carefully fit to the top.

    I have a James tailpiece on my Flatiron F5 Master - WONDERFUL addition to the instrument. Will never have an other "classic" tailpiece on a mandolin I intend to keep.
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