Stradolin or Not?

  1. Roger Moss
    Roger Moss
    So I bought a mandolin listed as a Strad O Lin but on inspection I'm not so sure. Two pics are listed in the photo section. It's just in too good condition to be one of the Strads shown online. The finish seems to be like the modern plastic finishes on cheap modern instruments and the Strad O Lin is just a sticker. However there are aspects that seem a little older. The bridge is uncompensated and looks like the type found on 60"s instruments. It has no other markings except a small sticker that says HMD6N. I am by no means a pro at assessing instruments so any help would be appreciated.
  2. bart mcneil
    bart mcneil
    I think people are waiting for photographs. A few photos of front headstock neck and body (and back) should tell us whether it is Srad-O-Lin as we are discussing. Normally the finish at least on both of mine, from the thirties, is pretty thin. But apparently there were more than one builder (factory) involved over the years so the finish may not be a definitive factor. But your avatar photo is so small it is impossible to say anything about it. I suspect you are right. That it is not an original Strad. But photos should clear so that we can see the instrument. The f hole position relative to the bridge position is normally a giveaway. The f holes are located higher on the instrument than normal and the bridge is lower (relative to the f holes} than most other brands. ON the fake Asian Strads the f holes and bridge are in the standard position, not the Strad position....
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