stradolin differing headstock decals

  1. davidb1
    Does anyone have any info on the different headstock decals on Stradolins.Is this one way to assess the year or vintage?
  2. bart mcneil
    bart mcneil
    A couple of years ago I tried to establish a time line of Strad-O-Lins based on the lettering styles of the logo as it changed over the years,,,, It is possible to approximate the build date or rather the sequence more or less of the build but not the actual date,,, In fact there is no accounting for the taste of the Strad company as it chose and approved designs for the logo lettering,,,, One can select out of date lettering styles for logos. One can guess the build date but the probability of accuracy date-wise is not high.

    In my case I did not have the necessary catalogs available to establish the date of origin of the type styles. There are folks who could do this but I am not one of them. certainly the post war styles of head stock lettering are pretty obvious but beyond that I would hesitate to put them in chronological order and expect accuracy,,,,
  3. bart mcneil
    bart mcneil
    By the way,,, You refer to the headstock design and lettering as decals and yes, some are decals,,,, One of mine is,,, but my other is definitely impressed into the wood (hot stamped) with a metal stamp and significant heat and force,,,, Apparently several builders (companies) were involved in the manufacture of Stradolins and that would account for the different techniques used on head stocks,,,, and the abstract designs found on some head stocks. I think that some of them were silk screened onto the face of the headstock as well,,, I haven't exsamined them carefully recently and can't remember exactly.....
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