Greetings from Green County!

  1. GreenCoMick
    So, where do you fellow badgers play, what do you play, how long have you been at it? I've been playing now for a few years, still not practicing anywhere near as much as I should. Do any of you play in local groups or jam on a regular basis?
  2. Paul South
    Paul South
    Howdy Mick, not sure what I do yet is called playing :-) Never have played in front of anyone yet but my Mom, and over the phone to my Aunt in Colorado. I have a the Loar 600. Took me awhile to figure out what instrument that I could afford and that spoke to me as they say. I'm now taking online lessons on Mike Marshall's site. The self taught way got me through some basic, then I was hung up for a bit and decided to try it........take care, Paul
  3. GreenCoMick
    Hi Paul!

    I think my "playing" is primarily considered practice by most who actually know what they're doing, but I love playing the mandolin! Find it very relaxing, even just strumming through songs I've found online chords for. I've not played for any groups yet, except for a few times at church. Guess they can't badmouth me too much, at least until after, right?
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