Who is going?

  1. Fred G
    Fred G
    Who is going and do we want to meet up on Thursday or Friday afternoon?
  2. mzuch
    I vote for Friday at 6:30. I don't care about missing the Footworks Dance Ensemble 30th Anniversary on the Main Stage.
  3. Phil Sussman
    Phil Sussman
    This will be my first trip to Grey Fox, and the first bluegrass festival I've been to in many years. Looking forward to it!
  4. Dave Greenspoon
    Dave Greenspoon
    I'm w/Michael on this. Friday afternoon at 6:30 sounds great to me!
  5. ELSOL102
    Well I don't think I can go...this year has been a tough year....boo hoo....I could change my mind...but I don't think I can do it this year....no vacations for the weary street busker....LOL
  6. Fred G
    Fred G
    Can we meet up earlier on Friday? I have a friend in the angel band and they are playing at the masters tent at that time.
  7. Fred G
    Fred G
    I think we are trying for the d'addario tent at 4pm on friday. Hope to see as many cafe'ers there as possible!
  8. ELSOL102
    Well I got a ticket at 5:30pm Wed and was busy packing so I didn't have time to come in and find where you guys were gonna meet...but I was there...left my guitar at home and just brought my mando and had a blast...so glad I went...but...Friday was raining...hope you were able to stay dry...I was down in the field during the day and went to the slow jam at 1 and then from 5 to 6:30...very helpful for me...then two nights jammed till 4am and was pleased to be able to play the 4 finger chord chops this year...maybe next year I can meet you guys...On Wednesday I just knew I had to get to this festival despite the tough year. Hope you all had a good time.
  9. ELSOL102
    Oh I arrived at Grey Fox and set up my tent at 4am...without knowing it I camped next to the people I camped with last year..and in a different spot!
    On Saturday morning I was photographed playing with some folks...and on Saturday night lo and behold my photo was shown on the huge screen at the main stage...I was the woman in the purple T shirt playing the mandolin....if anybody saw that slide show.
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