What key is this in?

  1. hrstjo
    Hello! I am curious as to what key Pokey Lafarge plays this song in. I am a beginner but I have learned a few blues shuffles in a few different keys and would really like to play this song. Thanks!

  2. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    looks like C.

    At :25 He starts off in C shape 523x

    Also the guitar player shows C at 2:44 or so.

    I really like this guys videos. (Not sure if I could just listen to his CD) He's got that funky vintage style down pat
  3. hrstjo
    Thanks, Mark! Pokey is one of my favorite musicians, and I just saw him live earlier this month. What a show! I do wish he played more of the style that he does in this video though.
    So, I see the C that he starts the progression in, but what kind of F and G chords is he playing?
  4. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    To me it seems like a pretty straight up progression.
    C - C7 - F - C - G - C (Maybe G7 at times not sure)
    but in the intro and other break sections it sounds like maybe an Fm? after the F:
    C - C7 - F - Fm - C - G - C
    Just a guess tho - still a novice myself
  5. Joey Anchors
    Joey Anchors
    This is great stuff! I'll be learning some of this style for sure.
  6. bart mcneil
    bart mcneil
    Pokey Lafarge is certainly my favorite too. As I understand it most (or all?) of his songs are originals. But whatever he is a great musician, song writer and performer. I have not had the opportunity to see him in person, unfortunately.
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