Hello from Texas USA

  1. stevenmando
    Hi am Steven and I am Looking forward to learning new pieces from Wales and England and Ireland , I found a great love of Medieval and Reissuance music , and Welsh and English , I have been playing mandolin for going on 35 years and still learning , Steven
  2. Playford1651
    Some of the tunes in this book of Welsh folk dance tunes are proving suitable for my son's mandolin playing: http://www.eaglemusicshop.com/books/...odaur-gaug.htm My son is currently working on number 12 Sawdl y Fuwch rhan 1 (The cowslip part 1).

    Also in this book is a version of another Welsh tune he has found very suitable for mandolin and greatly enjoys playing: Hela’r Sgyfarnog (Hunting the Hare) - but he plays the first version on this webpage: http://thesession.org/tunes/4426
  3. stevenmando
    Thank you , I will check it out and get it , love Welsh music
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