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  1. timv
    It's been discussed on a couple forum topics here, but not lately and I didn't know about it until I saw it in search results:

    Carlton Haney´s 1971 Labor Day Weekend Bluegrass Music Festival At Camp Springs, NC

    And here's a trailer for a documentary that a local filmmaker is attempting to finish about local soul music:

    For me, a curious thing is that I was maybe 20 miles from the bluegrass festival while it was happening, but I didn't know about the film or the festival or even that there was such as place as Camp Springs until just now. And I've probably lived two or three miles from each of those Gate City Soul folks at one time or another but knew nothing--really still know almost nothing--about any of it. I did listen to WEAL occasionally but that's basically it.

    Sometimes it seems like we're ghosts moving around invisibly, even unaware ourselves of other ghosts who occupy the same space; or maybe like one of those trippy Star Trek episodes.
  2. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    Skimmed thru the Camp Springs video. Pretty cool time capsule. Sam Bush and Tony Rice were some punksters. Tony already sounding great tho. I was in grade school in '71 but I wish I had been there. Thanks for the post - enjoyed
  3. timv
    Thanks for looking, Mark. Same here, I was just starting 5th grade then, if I got my minusing right. There are forum posts about Bluegrass Alliance, Sam's connections with The New Deal String Band, etc.. No doubt they did plenty of playing before Newgrass and The New South happened, but that's the oldest performance I've seen or heard of Sam or Tony.

    "One Tin Soldier" reminds me of the film Billy Jack, which was a big hit with my classmates and come out right about then.
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