New RM1 action needs sorting out

  1. Davey
    Hi Folks

    I have my new to me Mandolin and it's a bit heavy on the fingers. I think the nut and saddle need to come down a bit.

    Could anyone who has tackled this job get in touch with me please ?

    The chap who fixes my old Nationals will do the job, so he knows what he's doing but any tips and tricks would be gratefully received.

    For example, hand rest off or whole cover plate ?

    Does the Bridge saddle come out of the biscuit or is it glued ??

    Thanks David (Coventry, UK )
  2. liestman
    The bridge saddle is glued into the biscuit which is attached to the cone with a screw coming in from the bottom side of the cone, so you have to remove the cover plate to remove the cone to unscrew the biscuit to work on the saddle to lower the action. On mine, the nut was just fine but the saddle needed to come down.
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