3 Nordic waltzes: Kolde Vals, Klinke Vals, Nu är en dag framliden

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    These are my recordings of three Scandinavian waltzes (two from Denmark, one from Sweden), all in arrangements from the great spillefolk.dk site:

    1) Nu är en dag framliden

    This is a waltz written by the Swedish folk fiddler Hans Kennemark and originally recorded with his group Forsmark III on their 1992 album Västgötalåtar. It is set to the words of the Swedish psalm 187, and is also in use as a hymn.


    1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin
    Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin
    Ozark tenor guitar

    2) Klinke Vals af P. Hansen

    This is a Danish waltz, from the 1865 notebook of Søren Christiansen of Strøby (DK). This arrangement is by Vagn Dahl Hansen from:


    Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin
    1915 Luigi Embergher mandolin
    Ozark tenor guitar

    3) Den kolde vals

    This is a Danish waltz written by Nils Andersson (1833-79), known as "Svenske Niels".


    Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin
    1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin
    Ozark tenor guitar

  2. Gelsenbury
    Nice music, Martin! I'm not sure whether this is my first or second time listening to it ... This time, I've made sure to leave a comment!
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