Anyone Else Have Two?

  1. Ray(T)
    Quiet here, isn't it!

    I bought my Kimble A5 in 2008 and I've just been tempted into bying another; an F from the same year. It's coming tomorrow!
  2. AdHocMando
    Well done, Ray. Two quick questions: 1) does it have small frets or larger ones? and 2) did you get it from the Cafe, or a shop? Congratulations.
  3. Ray(T)
    Hi AdHoc - not sure what would be classified as "big" on a mandolin; perhaps you could enlarge. They're bigger than on my '24 Snakehead and smaller than on my GBOM; I suppose slightly more than a millimetre wide. It came from TAMCO. Trevor was seling it on consignment. Its the same age as the one I bought new in 2008 but the serial number is 5 fewer.
  4. bud
    I do have 2 of Will's mandolins. Had them a while and not found anything else I would trade/sell them for. A5 and F5.
  5. Ray(T)
    Same here. Played on its own, I prefer the sound of the A5 but, played in a session, the F5 could strip paint at ten paces. I'm convinced that it's louder than my National RM-1.
  6. Upis Land
    Upis Land
    Still quiet here... does an F5 and a two point mandola count?
  7. Ray(T)
    Don’t see why not. I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to get my ear attuned to the mandola but I’m not quite there yet. I’d have liked a Kimble (not sure if any of them have made it to the UK) but I had to buy a Collings to get me started.
    I have one of his F5 models and one of his 2-points.
  9. Ray(T)
    Another lucky person! What years are they from?

    Two years of Covid lockdown playing have improved the Collings no end and it’s now something of a beast. The F5 has been somewhat neglected in favour of the A5 but that now needs some attention to a high fret. Fortunately int’s the 13th so I can generally work round it.
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