Refret a 1940 Stradolin?

  1. JRG
    Howzit gang, I just got sucked into the mandolin vortex around a month ago so I'm a rank beginner when it comes to these instruments and playing them, or trying to in my case. More to the point, I took the time to read the thread on the cafe about vintage instruments and Stradolin kept coming up. Being a vintage human, the idea of playing something as old or older than me seemed to fit. So I got a 1940 Stradolin this week. The frets appeared pretty worn so I took it to a luthier who lives 15 minutes from me and he confirmed the fret board needs dressing and new frets. He quoted $300 which sounds high even with my very limited knowledge. The mandolin is all original and in very good shape other than the fret issue and I will have the work done and hopefully learn to play a little. I have neither the skill nor the patience to do the work myself. Any feedback from fellow Stradolin owners would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JRG
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