Post some of your favorite Monroe breaks

  1. Billy1
    A few of my favorites are-
    "Jerusalem Ridge" on Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe. A fine example of how Big Mon could play a tune so simply yet make it extremely powerful.
    The second break on "Kentucky Mandolin"
    That famous second break on "Bluegrass Twist"
    The original "Little Cabin Home On The Hill" with Lester Flatt. I've heard a couple different recordings of this, but the take that was released is a little faster paced and he really nails it, you can really feel the emotion.
    " Letter From My Darlin" Now his break on that one really talks to you
  2. Mike Bunting
    Today my favorite solo is the one he took on Get Up John in a workshop he gave at the Gaslight in NYC in 1966. I've never heard anyhing so powerful, there were sparks flying. The same emotion that is on Letter from My Darlin' only uptempo.
  3. mandozilla
    Billy I shamelessly lifted that break for 'Little Cabin Home on the Hill' years ago from Bill because I liked it so much...still use it to this day. HaHa

  4. swampstomper
    For mandolin tunes (not breaks): #1 Bluegrass Ramble (especially the third chorus with that right hand), #2 Bluegrass Twist (aka Part 1), #3 Old Daingerfield

    For breaks: intro to First Whipporwill; gospel category: intro and breaks to You're Drifting Away (with Carter Stanley)
  5. D C Blood
    D C Blood
    Most any of the "turn-arounds" on the Voice From On High gospel album. They were all fantastic.
  6. mandolirius
    The arpeggio-style break from "Goodbye Old Pal" and both breaks to "Whitehouse Blues".
  7. woodwizard
    Bill's Dream and Candy Gal are couple I have been playing some lately that I really like. There are so many great ones it's hard to pick favorites.
  8. SilverAngelFan
    Rose of Ol Kentucky (his original recording), Letter from My Darlin' solo. Bluegrass stomp. Bluegrass Special. On and On solo. His kickoff to True Life Blues
  9. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    There's one floating around Youtube these days, with Ralph Stanley singing "Sweetheart of Mine". Classic Bill in the key of G. He comes in and out of the melody, but it's that authoritative downstroke intro that sets the tone (and rhythm) of the solo.
  10. kymandolin29
    i like the break in rocky rd blues
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