Inherited Strad-O-Lin and Seeking Info/Assistance

  1. BassVet
    Hello All,
    Found this great forum and I am trying to obtain some information regarding a Strad-O-Lin that was passed down from my Mother-in-law. She said that it belonged to her grandfather and he played it his entire life that she could remember. They lived in NYC after immigrating form Poland/Russia, and according to her; her Grandfather played it at his wedding in 1934. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I will attach pictures in the photo section (not smart enough to do it here) to show the condition and model. I am also interested in finding a good luthier or restorer near Princeton, NJ.
  2. BassVet

  3. BassVet
    A few pictures..All are on the Group Picture page.
  4. JRG
    Welcome to the world of Stradolin. That's an awesome looking example you have. If there's a date on it you should be able to see by shining a light into the bass side F-hole. Exactly who made these remains a mystery but word is they were made in NY by various manufacturers. There are some much more knowledgeable people on this site as I've only been in the mandolin vortex for a few months. Looks like your mandolin is in very good shape, the nut has slipped to the bass side which is easily fixed. There is a member of the cafe, Rob Meldrum who has written an excellent book on mandolin set-up. Contact him and he will email it to you. You may get more response if you post in the Forum section under vintage instruments. Good luck
  5. BassVet
    Thank You JRG,
    I have an appointment this weekend with Luthier Mark Simon to inspect and advise on my Stradolin. I will keep everyone updated.
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