Just joined the club......

  1. cbakewell
    Got a Nobility Oval Hole from ebay (I think it was previously owned by a MandolinCafe member prior to the guy I bought it from).

    Should be with me by early next week.

    If anyone here was bidding against me, sorry... if it makes you feel better, I probably over paid at Ģ160, but dammit I WANTED it
  2. bluesmandolinman
    overpaid at 160 ??? ... man thatīs a really good price considering how rare it is
    sound good too !
  3. cbakewell
    Just got back from the Luthier - he was amazed that it was in such good condition for a 1938 instrument.

    He confirmed the neck is straight, the front and back are definitely solid wood, and that he can get the action down to where I want it.

    Thanks to you, bluesmandolinman, (and anyone else on here who owned it previously), for looking after it so well.

  4. cbakewell
    The instrument is back in my hands - action lowered and I have given it a good workout.

    I am delighted with it - who'd have thought you could get this kind of sound from an old, cheap mandolin.

    It really does 'ring' - happy bunny here
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