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  1. Sammando
    Hello to all,
    I am new and have owned a Kentucky for several years now and have been taking lessons. I do play with our church praise band. I like all kin of music but folk-old and new, Celtic and bluegrass are my favorites. Not sure of the model that I have will have to check in on that.
    Thank you
  2. lflngpicker
    Hey Sammando, Glad you joined the Kentucky players and owners group. How is your mandolin playing coming? I am enjoying growing in my mandolin experiences. Kentucky's are a great product and some wonderful instruments have been created by them.
  3. kybred
    Hello all,
    I’m a Ky Gal living in Coastal Carolina trying to teach myself how to play this beautiful recently purchased KY FM-150. Started strong after I first bought it, got frustrated, put it back in the case because I just couldn’t get the melodious sounds out of it others could.
    Any suggestions on learning to play it. Have purchased several books and watched Youtube videos....I think I just need to keep it in my hands more and keep practicing, practicing, practicing.......
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