1. Strad
    Does anybody gig with their Stradolin?
  2. yves74
    Hi Strad, what is "gig"?
  3. sonnyjammer
    I tried but them frogs just seem to brush off the whacks to the head, and keep on hoppin.
  4. Maxwellt
    I gigged with nothing but a Strad-O-Lin. For the first 20 odd years I played mandolin, a Strad-O-Lin was what I had. Even after buying other brand mandolins, I stuck with the Strad-O-Lins fo gigs.
  5. yves74
    Sorry guys, English is not my mother language. What is 'gig'?
  6. resophonic
    A gig is when you land a job to play a show. "I'm playing a gig (show) tonight"
  7. MattyWhalen
    I do. I have an Oval hole from the 30's which is my main player, and a Jr from the 40's which is my outdoor/hazardous environment player. Been using the Lr Baggs radius pickup to decent success.
  8. dwbarron
    MattyWhalen I really like that video. Just checked out Salt and Pine web page, love the old Kay banjo and is that an Omnitone??
  9. MattyWhalen
    Yep! That old kay has been trusty, but I recently upgraded to a Goldtone BC 350 tough.
    And yep, we used an old Omnichord on a few tracks on that album! Thanks for listening!
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