recently purchased Stradolin 2 point

  1. jamesemich
    Hi - I was shopping for a decent mandolin and came across a Stradolin 2 point at a local DC area shop that I ended up buying. It was listed as 1960, but I suspect it is probably earlier - it seems to match some old Orpheums that I've seen on various threads. In very nice condition, plays and sounds great. Very punchy, growly and loud. It sort of talks when you play it. I liked it better than the Eastman's and Kentucky's at the shop, plus it was less expensive, old and has lotsa character. Everything seems original. Pickguard and tailpiece match. The sides and back are fairly pedestrian, the "bindings" are painted. But the top is a nice piece of solid wood that sounds like it's aged well. No serial numbers - nothing. Any insights to it's age / manufacture are appreciated - kinda curious if it's older than I am. Regardless - I really like it.

    Thanks - Jim - posting pictures
  2. JRG
    Looks more '40s to me, might be wrong though.
  3. your_diamond
    The matching pickguard & tailpiece would indicated this is from the 1930's or 1940's.
    Sometimes there is a date stamp on the inside of the back.
    If you shine a light through one F hole you might be able to view it through the other F hole.
    The date stamp may be faded so varying light intensities sometimes help.
    May I ask what you paid for it and was there a case that came with it?
  4. jamesemich
    Thanks - I can't find a date. I may try a different flashlight. I paid 7 bills for it. It came with a newer case - not the original. Probably paid on the high side, but the tone of the top is pretty sweet plus it was all set up and ready to go. It's been a hit at the bluegrass jams, lotsa complements on the tone. I'll keep looking for the date.
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