Strings I like these days

  1. liestman
    I am currently using GHS Pure Nickel N270 strings. I used to use Jazzmando strings and loved them - I was sad when they were retired. Anyway, the N270s have a lot of that warmth and richness that the Jazzmandos have that I have been missing, while still having enough "bite" to but through a crowd. (Disclaimer, I am an Irish trad player and cannot testify how these strings are for blues, old time, strumming, etc. - but I like'em!)

    So anybody else use these?
  2. jeho2a
    I've been using D'Addario flatwounds since I got my RM1 around a year ago, but I'm thinking of changing back to roundwounds to get a bit more of that 'bite' back as I'm finding the sound a bit too smooth now. How do nickel strings compare to, e.g., phosphor bronze ones?
  3. pheffernan
    I tend to alternate between the John Pearse strings that National installs from the bench and Thomastik-Infeld Starks.
  4. liestman
    jeho2a, the N270s to me are half way between flatwounds and J74s. Try a set, what can you lose?
  5. jeho2a
    Thanks, yes I think I'll give them a go.
  6. jeho2a
    Oh dear, I've been looking around and they're v. expensive in the UK, around 15.00 GBP a set, which is around 3 to 4 times the cost in the US.

    I might try going back to J74s or the like first...
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