Oval Hole Strad-O-Lin genre found (with video)

  1. Eric Platt
    Eric Platt
    Picked up a family instrument. Label for Californian - Pacific Music Supply Company. The construction has a lot of similarities to other Strads, namely the neck heel shape, the clamp mark on the neck block, raised fingerboard, one transverse brace under the bridge, and the same shape bakelite pickguard. [Edit] Originally thought the back was flat, in fact, it's slightly arched, similar to the top, but less pronounced. [end edit]

    All solid birch and same body width as a Gibson A Jr. or other normal sized mandolin. Scale is slightly short at 13 3/4". Posted photos in the group gallery. Did make a short video last night -

  2. Eric Platt
    Eric Platt
    Okay, after having it for a while, the obvious finally hit me - it's all laminated mahogany. Not birch. The grain pattern is entirely wrong for birch. And while I at first thought it was solid, when the light hits the edge of the soundhole or side just right, you can see the 3 layers for the laminate. Front and back.

    Still sounds good. Played with an accordion player today and we had no problem hearing the mandolin.
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