New Ann Arbor (Area) Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra

  1. Gean Vincent Almendras
    Gean Vincent Almendras
    Hey friends. My instructor and I are very interested in resurrecting the University of Michigan’s Mandolin club as the new Ann Arbor Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra (much like our friends in the already well established, Kalamazoo Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra). My instructor is a music faculty at the UofM school of music for Applied Classical Guitar AND Mandolin. Would there be people of the Ann Arbor area and surrounding communities interested in jointing us in this endeavor? This of course is going to be completely FREE to join. Open to beginners to advanced players alike. We’ll likely plan on having our first rehearsal this Spring at a location in Ann Arbor, most likely at the UofM school of Music.
  2. brunello97
    Thanks, Gean Vincent.
    This is exciting news. Count me in. I live in Ann Arbor and teach on North Campus.
    Please keep me informed as your plans develop or let me know if there is anything I can do to help
    facilitate organization, communication, etc. etc.
  3. Gean Vincent Almendras
    Gean Vincent Almendras
    Nice to hear from you! Hope we meet in person soon. I will definitely let you know of our plans to setting up our first rehearsal once we get the word out and a significant amount of interest. In the meantime, please spread the word if you know anyone else in the area who might be interested. I have also created a facebook group and linked page under the same name, please feel free to join and add or share with anyone you know who may be interested in joining. Thanks!
  4. Gypsyfiddler
    Hello. I recently picked up an octave mandolin, and was wondering about this group...
    I normally play violin/viola (30+ years), and was thinking about how to advance my OM skills. Please let me know if this group ever got up and running.
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