Your current Favorite Grisman Tune

  1. Mando Smash
    Mando Smash
    Whats your Recent Favorite Grisman tune on your ipod or CD you keep replaying?

    Mine happens to be Dawgnation!

    Mellow Mang

    Dawg after dark.
  2. mandopete
    Gotta admit that I don't play too many Grisman tunes (I wish I did though). The one that I do play fairly often is Pigeon Roost from the Bluegrass Reunion recording. I worked that one up for mandolin contest years ago and I still like to play it. Janice is also high on my list to learn.
  3. Daniel Nestlerode
    Daniel Nestlerode
    I don't have a favorite tune, but I do have a favorite Dawg activity. I like to listen closely to Grisman and Statman's Mandolin abstractions for melodic ideas to write around or use in solos. Great stuff hiding the corners of that album.

  4. pigboy05
    I would have to say Dawg Funk. 2nd would be friend of the devil with Jerry.
  5. stringduster
    At this point in time without a doubt it would be Mugavero, a John Carlini tune
  6. Mario D'Orrico
    Mario D'Orrico
    Dawg is my mandolin player loved. I love much of his songs but if I have to think an favourite song it is, sure, Dawg's Rag.
  7. Lorenzo LaRue
    Lorenzo LaRue
    My fav is from the Quintet '80 'record'. It's 'Barkley's Bug'. For one thing it reminds me of my old favorite cat (Smokey) and It's just a beautiful composition.....And the guitar work by Mark O'Connor is just the best.
  8. carleshicks
    Dawg's Rag. That is with out a doubt the best acoustic piece in the world
  9. jasona
    Still working on Japan and Fanny Hill. Also really want to learn Dawg's Bull well.
  10. Mashin_Mando
    I would have to say E.M.D. Every time I've played it at a competition, I've won. So its made it way to the top of my list. I really like "The Thrill Is Gone" by him and Jerry Garcia also.
  11. gonzograss
    Albuquerque Turkey, which I think is from Mondo Mando. Been loving it for years but couldn't quite hear the syncopation correctly. One of the few times I've used the tablature available to solve what was a musical problem. I can now play it in a jam well enough that it's recognized. Mark O'Conner's long solo is just staggeringly beautiful.
    ~~Joe H~~~~
  12. dcoventry
    Blue Midnight from the DGQ reunion is just a killer. Those guys take it by the balls and pull. Just excellent stuff.
  13. stringduster
    Mine is the Newly wedding song
  14. Paul Statman
    Paul Statman
    My first album was Mondo Mando LP, purchased from the bargain bin at HMV record shop (UK) in 1982.
    DAWG FUNK was my first favorite, so I learned to play it.
    Whenever the track ended, JAPAN would play, so I learned that one next. I worked my way through (pretty much all of) that album, and imported the rest, and proceeded to copy what I could from those.
    I've had a few band incarnations that played mostly Dawg. I still enjoy a rip around *ALBUQUERQUE TURKEY (also the name of my first band).

    As I write this, my favorite is DEL AND DAWG.

    *I once won 1st prize in an Advanced Mandolin contest playing a medley of *ALBUQUERQUE TURKEY / PUPVILLE.

    It's so HARD to pick from a long list of favorites, but I agree that DAWG'S RAG is a belter!
  15. mandolin breeze
    mandolin breeze
    "Current Favorite" is so apropos as nearly every Grisman tune will get the "favorite" treatment at some point. My CF right now is Waltz For Gigi. What an amazing tune. Here's my little take at the tab, it's a blast to play and it's got that great repeating groove rhythm that could go on forever . . . I think it's: Bm / C#m / D / C#m7

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