My new Stradolin

  1. jaybp30
    Just picked this up today. Pretty excited about it. A couple of pretty stable cracks probably need a little extra stabilization and I may swap to an adjustable bridge at some point but I really love it. Added a few pics, looks like the one mzurer just added. Mine is solid top but laminate back (and probably sides). It has a serial number on the back of the headstock. Bought it to bring to the office for lunchtime playing but I think I'll leave it home and bring my Michael Kelly A Solid to the office. The Stradolin has much better tone and character.
  2. Prophetsnake
    That looks fantastic. Love the tortoise shell tailpiece cover, and I've never seen tuners quite like those. A real find!
  3. jaybp30
    Yeah I've really fallen for this old thing. Unfortunately I don't know how long those original tuners are going to last but those things are just covers so if I have to replace them I can still use the covers. I also think I may put a new bridge on eventually.
  4. Maxwellt
    That looks like a nice one. I had one with tuners like that...the covers were weird. On the ones I played regularly I replaced the tuners with new Schaller tuners, and they worked great.
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