So where are ya?

  1. JeffD
    I am just north of Binghamton.
  2. Mandolin Fan
    Mandolin Fan
  3. hlebowi2
    Sorry for not being more active after I started this group.
    I just got back from 3 days of Jazzfest in New Orleans (mando content: Del McCoury Band played at one of the stages again this year).
    I live in Saratoga Springs.
  4. swampstomper
    I live mostly in the Netherlands but visit Ithaca (native ground) three or four times a year.
  5. Marc Berman
    Marc Berman
    I'm in Red Hook (Hudson Valley) which is about 50 miles south of Albany
  6. abuteague
    Williamstown MA, but it borders NY and VT. I go to Schenectady all the time. I find myself in Saratoga Springs a few times a year.
  7. Ira Chavis
    Ira Chavis
    Wappingers Falls, NY
  8. d28martin
    Binghamton NY here!
  9. thirdstation
    Wappingers Falls as well.
  10. skiltrip
    West of Westchester!
    I'm from Rockland County. New City, NY to be exact.
    Hello everyone!
  11. Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson
    Albany... Apologies in advance for the current, uhh... Situation... (I know we can't talk politics...)
  12. swampstomper
    Please, no politics! Maybe in our Great Empire State someone would have the idea of a per-string tax...
  13. JeffD
    I have always thought it would be neat to start some kind of manolin quartet, or even a mandolin orchestra, here in the Binghamton area. There was one in Rochester for a while, and I considered joining, but it would have been a haul, and in the winter a particularly inconvenient one.
  14. Andy Alexander
    Andy Alexander
    I live in Lodi NY in The Finger Lakes about 1/2 hour north of Ithaca and Watkins Glen. Our family hosts Pickin' In The Pasture on our sheep farm here on the 4th week of August each year. The event runs Thur, Fri, Sat, and Sun. Pickin' In The Pasture features a world-class lineup of traditional bluegrass music. The festival also serves as an annual meeting place for a lot of fine bluegrass pickers who indulge in the great jam sessions that occur. There are instructional workshops conducted by some of the top bluegrass musicians and songwriters in the business that are very popular with those looking to expand their musical skills.

    I play b#@jo in my son's group, The Jesse Alexander Band. Jesse plays mandolin and fiddle, his mother plays bass, and our good friend Darryl Lesh plays guitar. Jesse has a couple of albums out and we enjoy playing festivals around NY and PA.

    We like getting together and playing music with people so give as a call or email if you want to pick sometime.
  15. swampstomper
    Andy, we love you even though you play b#@jo because #1 you support your son's mando-obsession #2 you have a super mando player in your band #3 you bring great mandolinists to beautiful Lodi NY every August!!
  16. doug_r_g
    Hello All! - I am in Oneonta
  17. folksinger
    I'm in Lake Placid - new to this forum. Have not played for over 10 years. Trying to replace the tailpiece on my Flatiron Performer A. The new tailpiece screwholes line up, but the peg hole does not. Bummed out. Will find another one that works.
  18. AmyG
    hello! I just moved to Pleasant Valley--part of Dutchess County!
  19. Jim Garber
    Jim Garber
    I know...; I snuck in here but I live in northern Westchester. Is that okay?
  20. bmac
    I live in Gilbertsville, a village between Oneonta and Norwich and 15 miles north of Sidney. I play blues and restore mandolins, banjo-mandolins and tenor banjos (and a nice old cello).
  21. tsakshaug
    Just south of Rochester, in Avon
  22. sawarren
    Can you accept a newby member from Niagara County-Lewiston?
  23. sawarren
    Can you accept a new member from Niagara County-a mando newby?
  24. tnt2002
    Hi all,
    I'm Tom, im in Western NY, Rochester area.
  25. Ed Kenny
    Ed Kenny
    I am a mandolin/guitar/bass player located in Red Hook.
  26. Paul Busman
    Paul Busman
    Hi all-- I'm in Clifton Park NY, between Albany and Saratoga. I work as an OR nurse in Troy, and play whistles, flute and mandolin in a little Irish/Scottish band called Shenanigans. I also make pennywhistles in exotic hardwoods and polymer.
  27. Don C
    Don C
    Kind of late coming to this group, but I'm in Suffern.
  28. mama_g
    hi all! i'm in syracuse. i picked up a rogue mandolin from a pawn shop back in january and despite the fact that the darn thing won't hold a tuning i've been pickin and strummin and learnin as best i can without going to a professional. if anyone ever wants to show me a thing or two i'd be mighty thankful! i can read tabs just fine and strum chords but i feel like i'm missin something. hopefully once i've saved up enough dough to buy a nicer mando things might come a little easier.
  29. mandomark1
    I'm not sure if anyone is still following this post, but I live in Cortland, NY. I'm new to the mandolin, but I've been playing other instruments for a long time. I'm interested in bluegrass, oldtime, gospel, and traditional Irish music - primarily bluegrass, though. I'm interested in hearing about any events or jam sessions taking place in the area. Thanks!
  30. Blombie
    I'm also in Red Hook , that makes three of us.
  31. Toast
    I live in Saugerties
  32. greenwdse

    No wait. That's a lie. I was born and raised in Middletown. But now I'm living far away. Wales in fact. Don't ask why. But it has something to do with a secret government mission. I'm undercover. Shhh.
  33. Shirley7712
    Rhinebeck area
  34. Sterling
    I live in Marcellus and teach in the North Syracuse School District.
  35. spauldingmike
    Long time guitar player (20 years or so). Just picked up a mandolin and loving it. I'm from Corfu NY (between Rochester and Buffalo). I like Bluegrass and Fiddle tunes
  36. T.D.Nydn
    I'm Ted,,listed as "savant",,, 4 piece jazz trio..Im located outside of charlton ,upstate in Saratoga county..
  37. cookdlee746
  38. genexp
    Saratoga, ny!
  39. Woyvel
    New here. Between Buffalo and Rochester, originally from Elmira. Been laying guitar for 40 years, became mando obsessed as a Covid hobby.
  40. captwasabi
    Arcade, NY... south of Buffalo
  41. LoveTheDrake
    Saratoga Springs here
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