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  1. Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts
    I play a Gibson A-5.
  2. MikeZito
    Okay - I am not 'in' in a formal sense, but until another beauty comes my way, I with the group in spirit.

    About a 20 years ago I owned a pair of two-point beauties. The first one was a mid-1920's Martin Style 20. My main mandolin at the time was a Rigel R-100 - the first white one they ever made. Both were great mandolins, but when financial hardship hit in 2005, they both had to go. So, although I can't say that I am currently a two-point guy, I hope to be back on board as soon as reasonably possible.
  3. MikeZito
    Okay - NOW it's 'official' - I'm a 2-point guy again! I found an (almost) affordable replacement for my old 1929 Martin Style 20, and it arrived today; (photo in the Gallery on the home page).
  4. bikingman
    Iím in as of today. My two point is a Lyon & Healy style B made about a hundred years ago. This thing has just about the most beautiful sound you can imagine (even when Iím the one playing it!). It stays in tune incredibly well. The only two limitations are very squirrely pegheads that make string changing an even bigger hassle and an unsightly cigarette burn next to the tail piece.

    Iím new to this. Iíll try and figure out how to post a picture.
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