Picked this up - unusual country and colour scheme?

  1. ernesto
    Hi Strado fam,

    I picked this up in South Africa of all places. The country isn't exactly know for mandolin anything. The only mandolins you can pick up new in stores are Ibanez electric ones. Second hand a couple of unknown brands surface.

    I've gone through the group photos and wasn't able to find an exact one with the same strange sunburst, black back, camo-ish pick guard and weird brown tuning machine colour.

    Anyone else seen a similar one or can help me id it to similar models?

  2. Maxwellt
    Hey there. My original Strad-O-Lin had that same color scheme and top binding, but a rounded headstock. I had one that had everything the same as yours, including the doodle on the headstock, but with a natural top. The things are so varied that unless you find a date stamp, you just have to assume 1930s to 1940s. Are the position markers metal or mother of pearl?
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