RM! Neck Reset

  1. Davey
    I really would like a bit more room between the strings and the cover plate. The neck is bolt on I think. The alternative would be a modified cover plate with a recess like on a Dobro. That might be less drastic but I've no idea who could make me one. Anybody else get fed up of hitting the cover plate with their pick ?
  2. liestman
    I don't have that problem with mine, different picking styles I suppose. But be that as it may, have you seen the joint that mates the neck to the body? Its not a typical dovetail joint like on most acoustic instruments. I don't know how to describe it but it strikes me that it would be much harder to do a reset on. I would go straight to National on this one.
  3. Ray(T)
    I believe someobody posted pictures of an RM-1 with the top off a while back but I can’t remember exactly where. If you can find them, it might help you make a decision.
  4. liestman
    I posted some pics of the inside of the RM1 but did not think to take a picture of the neck connection with the neck pulled out, sorry.
  5. Davey
    I think the easiest route is to stop playing my other mandolins for a while and my brain will adjust my picking hand a bit. I could only gain 1/8 of an inch if I reset the neck otherwise the strings would hit the underside of the handrest. I only play the National at Sessions as it's too loud for my practise room, so I don't play it enough to be completely comfortable with it. The irony is that it produces the best tone when it's played quite hard. I'm using GHS 11 to 38 strings at the moment & they sound really good.
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