Week #521 ~ Glory in the Meeting House

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Well, THAT took a while to get a clear winner! My weekend was busy, so i checked the poll hit or miss, and every time I looked, it had activity, but was still a tie!

    So, Glory in the Meeting House it is!

    I found this notation and history

    And this on thesession.org

    Nothing like a good old time fiddle tune!

  2. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This tune recently first appeared here in our group, submitted as an 'other' tune'... Here's the link to that. To keep things all together, please submit your submissions here, on this "official' discussion!

  3. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Here's one.

  4. Gelsenbury
    Brilliant playing, Mike!
  5. Frithjof
  6. JL277z
    Very nice!
  7. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Fine performance once again, Mike. Your tunes are always enjoyable.
  8. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Very nice Mike. Sweet and clear.
  9. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Well played Mike.
  10. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Thank you. I learned this a few weeks back when I mistakenly thought it was going to win the balloting. So I had an unfair leg up. : )
  11. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Well, I started to learn this about 2 months ago. It is usually played on a fiddle, but I wanted the challenge of picking it on a mandolin. This is my own arrangement, however I did download an abc file from The Session that was simple and straight forward to get me started. My version has some ornaments and variations. The video came out really good. You can see exactly where my fingers went. The audio is okay. I will rerecord this tune and add some guitar in the near future...


    This is the basic abc I started with.
    T: Glory In The Meeting House
    D2 d2 dc AG | Ac d2 dc AF | D2 d2 dc AF | GA GF zG EF | D2 d2 dc AG | Ac d2 d2 de | \
    =fe dc A2 G^F | GA GF DE CD |: DE FG Ac AG | FA GF DE CD | DE FG Ac AG | F2 D2 G4 | \
    DE FG Ac AG | FA GF DE CD | DE FG Ac AG | F2 D2 D4 :| \
    W:Created with TablEdit https://tabledit.com/
  12. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    A masterful performance, Mr P! Great instructional video, and I loved when you ventured up the dusty end of the fingerboard after the neat embellishments earlier in the tune.
  13. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Thanks so much John. Wow, I haven't been called Mr P since I taught elementary school back in the nineties! That takes me back to some better days...

    Oh, here's the notation and tab to this song as well:
  14. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Nothing is ever simple with Michael. You get greatness and personality in all his music ( sorry, no pressure now, ay, Michael) I have heard this on fiddle but I am enjoying the mandolin better !! You can call John, Mr. K - how long has it been for John teaching?
  15. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    I was a teacher of English for 35 years, Ginny, and have now been retired 18 years. Since I still live in the town I taught in I regularly meet and chat with former pupils and their children (and grandchildren). One of my favourite meetings recently was with a lad who had been away from the town for many years and he was back on holiday and stopped me on the street; his opening words were, "You used to be Mr Kelly!" I assured him I still was, but I knew what he meant.
  16. Frankdolin
    Where do I start? Great performance Michael! A wonderful simple drone with a complex melody, and a great pinkie workout! And an exellent view of that left hand action, something I've been toying with, or thinking about, or just imagined, It's early...
  17. Michael Romkey
    Michael Romkey
    Thanks for the kind remarks. The video isn't showing in my browser on this page. (I just happened to notice the comment so I'm looking at this thread.) Will repost below. It is indeed active in my YouTube account.
  18. Michael Romkey
    Michael Romkey
    Reposting due to possible display issue. ... Sheesh. I can't get YouTube videos to display. Anybody else having an issue? I can't get them to display in the Advanced feature no matter what I try. Please remind me of the protocol. (Embarrassed cringe.) ... Hmmm. I don't think this site is displaying for me even after a reboot. Isn't working on my phone either. Hmmm.


  19. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    You seem to have solved your dilemma, Mike. The video is up and running fine here.
  20. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Michael, glad your video is back! Youtube seems to do that every once in a while. I remember a time some years back when many of us here were switching to vimeo for our online videos for this very reason. (Vimeo is now best used if you pay their subscription fee...) Then the problems cleared up, so I went back to Youtube which is still free for the moment... In my case, the problem was an older operating system on my mac. As soon as I upgraded every thing was fine for a while.

    Thanks Frankdolin. I wanted a good view of the fingerboard as well. In fact, if you watch the video while standing on your head, you get the player's view of the mandolin neck. I filmed using my Canon camera with a 28mm lens. I focused manually and mounted the camera on a mic stand above my head with a special adaptor I purchased. A Zoom H2 was used as the mic so the video and audio were synced up in one file on my camera. I listened with my ear phones which were connected to the Zoom mic with some cool cables I bought off the internet while I played the song. There are a number of YouTube videos that show how to do this. It is a work in progress as I recorded with too strong a signal from the mic, but the problem will be solved in future videos...
  21. Michael Romkey
    Michael Romkey
    Hmm. I'm seeing nothing. And I'm on the new Mac OS but maybe that's the thing. But I don't see the videos on my iPhone or iPad, so I'm officially stumped. Have asked Scott to take a look.
  22. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    If it is any help, Mike, I am in the UK (Scotland) and watching and listening to your video on my laptop which is running on Windows 10.
  23. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Nice playing Mike, I really like that style of playing melody and then jumping into double stops/chords.
    For the vid, I guess you’ve already cleared your cookies from safari? I actually block all cookies when checking a couple of different news sites which allows me to read more of the content, but at the same time it gives me some issues with some of the features on MC.
  24. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Excellent as always Mike !! A few years ago Hendrik gave me a formula for posting here - I wrote it down and don't know if it's the way it's done now but it works for me.
  25. OldSausage
    This is a great little tune which I did not know before. I like these versions and thanks Michael P for the helpful tab.
  26. JL277z
    Very nice playing, both Michaels!
  27. OldSausage
    I think those fiddlers tune their G string down to E for this.
  28. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Just updated my iPad to OS15. Now I have the same display problems as the other Michael above. My videos don't display on this iPad, but they still do on my wife's as she is running OS14. I didn't backup my iPad when it was using OS14 (an oversight on my part) so essentially I'll have to wait for Apple to update OS15 in order to use this iPad to visit the SAW group. Well, it's back to my computer for a while where everything displays properly. This is just a note of warning about upgrading operating systems too early in their release. I know about this concept, but didn't heed my own warning for some reason!
  29. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Red Youtube button in ‘Go Advanced’,
    instead of pasting this: https://youtu.be/aqDX-vFcTvY
    You paste this: aqDX-vFcTvY
  30. Michael G Romkey
    Michael G Romkey
    I think it's pretty clear it's an Apple-related issue. I'm back on an old MacBook Pro and everything displays perfectly. Hopefully all the gears will catch up and mesh again soon.
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