1. Barry Canada
    Barry Canada
    Hi to all of you!
    I live up in Ottawa Canada. I love playing most genres of music. Iíve been playing mandolin for 5 decades! Geez that is a long time! Presently my main interest is in jazz. I play in a jazz trio and quartet, delve into classical and play folk and country. Iím working on some bluegrass these days...Iíve taken several workshops with Don Stiernberg. It would be fun to explore Jethroís style with others. Itís a great idea. Thank You Farmer and Adele for initiating the idea. How do you want to structure it? How about a zoom meeting for discussion about the format?
  2. MontanaMatt
    I think my post disappeared...?
    I’m in Montana. I play bluegrass professionally. I love swing and jazz too.
    Looking forward to working with you all on new material.
    Happy pickin
  3. farmer&adele
    Keenan Wade is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Jethro Burns
    Time: May 16, 2020 12:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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    Meeting ID: 788 8923 2153
    Password: 9x1amh
  4. farmer&adele
    Btw, my name is Keenan Wade, or you can just call me Farmer Keenan! Looking forward to our once a week Jethro Burns playing/discussion on Zoom! Zoom isn't really great for jamming, or any online face chatting source. My goal in this discussion is for everyone to take a turn hosting on Zoom and for the host to chat about a Jethro Burns musical idea from a song they've been learning.

    Tomorrow, I'll be more than happy to lead the discussion with a couple ideas, plus a tune, we can discuss as a group. We'll start the meeting with going around and introducing ourselves, where we are from, and our favorite Jethro tune! "All of them" is always a great answer but if you can narrow it down to one tune it will help lead the discussion!

    I'm so looking forward to chatting with each and everyone of you tomorrow! The meeting will begin at 12:30pm Central Time.
  5. farmer&adele
    Howdy! Great to meet y'all today at the Jethro Burns playing disccussion. The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 21, at 7pm Central time. Keenan Wade is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Jethro Burns
    Time: May 21, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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  6. farmer&adele
    Resources: There are great transcribed Jethro Burns tabledit files up for grabs

    Jim Nikora's online lessons he took from Jethro are here and are free.

    Jethro Burns' complete mandolin instruction book. If you don't have a copy, they are easy to find on Amazon or Ebay.

    iRealPro app for your phone/device has lots of jazz tunes available that you can play along with. Plus you can search for other playlists once there on jazz, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, western swing, dixieland, holiday, etc ... The app does costs around $15 and is a one time buy. Definitely worth it!
  7. farmer&adele
    As far as Jethro Burns' recordings go:

    Jazz From The Hills:

    Puritan Sessions:

    Bye Bye Blues:
  8. farmer&adele
    Let's share any lead sheets by email. Please send your email along to
  9. farmer&adele
    Jethro Burns/Tiny Moore album Back To Back:
  10. farmer&adele
    On the next discussion, (May 21 @ 7pm Central) let's try this format. Let's play East Tennessee Rag this Thursday from the Jazz From The Hills album. The song is also know as East Tennessee Blues, and the Kelly Boy Rag. I would like to dive back into East TN Rag for a few reasons: It's got all of the elements of early swing, it's a fiddle tune nicely swung, it's a great example of Jethro's expression through both country and western swing jazz music, plus it's a fun place to start!

    Also, I know this song really well and have been playing it for awhile so I will have a way of really diving into the song. If we all have a favorite song we like to play or that we play often in the context of the Jethro style, we will all have more to share with everyone else in the group :-)

    As the old saying goes: Teach one ya know! Lol

    If you can play East Tennessee Blues at the tempo of the recording below, that's great, but I would like us to discuss the song at 70-80 beats per minute so we can really dive deeper.

    East TN Rag track starts at 2:49 on the link below.
    - Jazz From The Hills:
    - Tab is located here (East Tennessee Rag is called Kelly Boy Rag by whoever came up with the tab):

    I can talk about Jethro's approach to playing and his repertoire forever, lol. I would like to hand it off to someone to share what Jethro style tunes they've been working on and would like to share with everyone. After May 21, would someone like to volunteer to share one tune, recording, and chart of the tune they would like to show?

    I wrote down a lot of the tunes we discussed earlier that would be great to dive into:

    - Take The A Train
    - Roly Poly
    - Window Faces The South
    - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    - Mood Indigo
    - Almost Like Being In Love
    - East Tennessee Rag
    - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  11. mandopops
    Sorry I missed 1st meet up. I had a conflict. Ironically it was a family zoom meet up with family across the country.
    I should be available Thurs at 7 central. I’m open to leading a session, week after next. I would put forth St Louis Blues. I learned it first Hand from Jethro & he does it on a Prairie Home recording solo & segues into In the Mood & various improv choruses. I would just approach the basic head & show Jethro’s chord melody version. I could supply a basic fake book lead sheet.
    Joe B
  12. farmer&adele
    Howdy Joe B! Look forward to meeting you at the next Jethro meet up on Thursday! Would you be interested in leading the May 28 Jethro meeting at 7pm Central?

    Thanks and talk soon!

  13. pit lenz
    pit lenz
    Dear friends,
    since I got a surprising job offer last Monday (happy about that), 'm sorry to say that I won't be able to put enough time and work into this exiting and fun project to keep it up on my schedule.
    I don't want to let you down further down the road, so I better step out right away and wish you lots of fun and a great time with this wonderful group for now.
    I'll take a peek and see what's going on and might eventually get back to meeting you, but at the moment it's time to re-focus for me.

    Have fun and stay healthy!
    Greetz from across the big pond...
  14. farmer&adele
    Hey Pit! Hope you are doing well and congratulations on the job offer!!! Join us anytime :-)


    Farmer Keenan
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