Satakielen valssi (Finnish waltz)

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This is a Finnish waltz I found in an old online collection of ABC transcriptions of waltzes, mainly for accordion. I subsequently found a similar transcription with chords at a Finnish folk music blog:

    The tune is from the repertoire of Finnish accordion player Teppo Välimäki (his more uptempo version is on Youtube), and my original source says he wrote it, whereas the above link gives it as traditional. I think "satakielen" is Finnish for "nightingale".

    I should probably play it more briskly for authenticity, but I think a slightly more measured tempo suits it better on mandolin.

    1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin
    Vintage Viaten tenor guitar

  2. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    The duo setting sounds great, Martin.
    Thanks for the link to the Finnish site.
    There seem to be lots of nice waltzes.
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, Christian! It's a very enjoyable tune, and it doesn't go how one expects it to do. Some jaunty intervals in the B part.

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