Resources for Jethro Burns

  1. farmer&adele
    Resources: There are great transcribed Jethro Burns tabledit files up for grabs

    Jim Nikora's online lessons he took from Jethro are here and are free.

    Jethro Burns' complete mandolin instruction book. If you don't have a copy, they are easy to find on Amazon or Ebay.

    iRealPro app for your phone/device has lots of jazz tunes available that you can play along with. Plus you can search for other playlists once there on jazz, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, western swing, dixieland, holiday, etc ... The app does costs around $15 and is a one time buy. Definitely worth it!
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    You can find most Jethro Burns recordings either on Youtube or Spotify. Here are a few links to get your mind reeling:

    Jazz From The Hills:

    Puritan Sessions:

    Bye Bye Blues:
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    Resource for St Louis Blues. Jethro Burns ...
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  5. farmer&adele
    This week I'll lead the discussion with I Can't Give You Anything But Love. I attached two pages of the chord melody to this song and here is a Youtube link of Jethro Burns playing the song.
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