Just received Strad-o-lin model A15

  1. Cobalt
    I just received a Strad-o-lin model A15.
    At least - from some of the catalogue pages shared here, it looks like an A15. I don't know whether the dates are reliable, the catalogue would suggest early '50s though the seller suggested '40s.

    The bridge should be adjustable I think. The actual bridge is solid, but seems a little low. The action is a bit too low to be fully playable.

    I'm kind of excited, that's why I'm posting without saying much.

    Image borrowed from this group, posted by Jim Garber and captioned "Bugeleisen & Jacobson 1952 2".

  2. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Can't wait to see what it looks like! Have any pictures of the actual instrument? Looks like it strongly resembles mine, although my f holes are a little different. I've been told early 40s. Mine also has a fixed bridge, but the action is good. I was wicked excited when I got mine, and actually still am


  3. Cobalt
    I don't have a lot of time right now, but just for you Sue, since you asked, a couple of quick pictures.

  4. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Nice! Yours does strongly resemble the ad, except for the bridge. Similar to mine, but different. When I got mine, I was concerned to play it until it was looked over. It was so hard to wait! I guess you can change out the bridge or maybe shim it?

  5. Cobalt
    Yeah, I couldn't resist, right after delivery and initial excitement, I slackened off the strings and took out the bridge. I don't know enough about the Stradolin to be certain, but it looks almost as though someone took the original adjustable bridge, removed all the screws and wheels, then glued the saddle directly to the base. That's how it looks to me. So I already slid two layers of thin veneer under the feet and tuned it right back up (one layer was not enough). It's almost ok now, though I still feel on some notes the strings might ring against adjacent frets. But not had it long enough to fully assess it.

    It does sound good, and is fun to play, there is something pretty good here.
  6. Cobalt
    I posted a few more random photos of the mandolin. It looks quite similar to the one pictured in photos uploaded by forum member Spruce.
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