Hiya from beautiful Arizona!

  1. Sheila Lagrand
    Sheila Lagrand
    I'm dropping by to say "hello." I bought a used Washburn MS1DLB on Wednesday after a thirty-plus year hiatus from playing. I'm already getting calluses!

    My impetus? My dear husband (Commander Sweetheart, or CS for short) has decided to take up the mountain dulcimer, so I grabbed a mandolin in a sign of spousal support and solidarity. Or something like that.

    Some general stuff about me: We moved to Arizona in 2017 after living our entire lives in Southern California. We're fairly nuts about our three dogs. I garden (1/3 of an acre in the back that isn't fully planted yet: 160 sf in raised beds, 50 ft. of blackberry canes, 40 ft. of grapevine, 13 fruit trees), flowers and herbs out front. CS is a woodworking guy when he isn't off at his job or doing something around the house. We both follow Jesus but we won't bludgeon anybody with our faith.

    Anyway. I'm thrilled to have found MandolinCafe.com and hope to keep my fingers quiet and eyes open as I learn my way around the place.
  2. HonketyHank
    Welcome to the Newbies group, Round2!

    We are a friendly bunch, so don't hesitate to ask questions or step into discussions.
  3. Sheila Lagrand
    Sheila Lagrand
    Why, thank you, HonketyHank! I have one newbiest-of-newbie questions: Where does my fingertip belong relative to the fret? I seem to remember it belongs just behind the fret (meaning on the "nut" side of the fret) but when I watch video, it appears fingers are on the fret. What's the scoop?
  4. Trav'linmando
    Welcome to the cafe Round2. As Hank said, we are a friendly group. Sounds like you have an excellent garden started at your place. I have tried to get Mrs Trav to play bass with little or no results.

    As for the finger placement, you are correct behind the fret.
  5. Sheila Lagrand
    Sheila Lagrand
    Thanks, Trav'lin--for the welcome, your kind word about my fool's errand growing out back, and your confirmation of where my fingertips belong.
  6. SOMorris
    Welcome to the Newbie's group, Round2! It was kind of nice to see a question (already answered by Trav'linmando) that I could actually have answered!

    My wife and I used to have a large garden like you have. We had around 400 canning jars that were filled every summer and held us over the winter. You did a great job in just a few sentences in describing yourself. I had in my mind that Arizona was too dry to grow much. I guess I was wrong!

    I am a follower of Jesus also, but like you, I don't bludgeon folks.

    It is good that both you and CS are learning to play together. I like the Dulcimer, but I think you have selected the more difficult instrument to learn .
  7. Sheila Lagrand
    Sheila Lagrand
    Thank you for the welcome, SOMorris. Regarding gardening, citrus and cotton are two of the traditional "Five Cs" of Arizona; the other three are copper, cattle and the canyon (that Grand one). In central AZ where I live, supplemental water is necessary to grow the crops I'm interested in raising.

    I have a bit more background in music than has CS, including a few years' study of the mandolin during my adolescence, so I think I will be able to learn the mandolin again. Cheers!
  8. bbcee
    Welcome Round2, you'll definitely like it here!

    An album I found (and still find) inspirational is by the late artists Butch Baldassari & David Schnauffer of old-time classics arranged for mandolin & dulcimer. The songbook is a really great complement to the CD:
  9. Sheila Lagrand
    Sheila Lagrand
    Oooooh bbcee, I was just today thinking that I should be on the lookout for some music for the two of us to share! CS's dulcimer arrives tomorrow. Thank you for the welcome and for the lead. I'm grateful!
  10. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    So, Round2, you're a week in. How is it going? I hope what you knew before is coming back and that the pieces are fitting together.
  11. Sheila Lagrand
    Sheila Lagrand
    Hi Louise,and thanks for the hello!

    It's going well, I think, especially since we were away last Friday thru Monday and I left my mandolin at home. But I've had her out every day since we returned, working through the online lessons from MandoLessons.com and the exercises in Mandolins for Dummies. I've also been more mindful to listen to music that includes a mandolin part when I'm doing other stuff around the house.

    And I've ordered myself an armrest, as the inside of my right forearm is yelling at me. A lot.

    Stuff I knew before is coming back to me, sometimes magically in my sleep, sometimes as stubbornly as getting a grandlittle to go to sleep after only three goodnight stories. But it's coming. CS's dulcimer has been delayed, but he remains incredibly supportive of my practice time and listening habits and all the other things. I'm a lucky one.
  12. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    Good call on the armrest. The first mandolin I had came with exceedingly sharp edges. I was thrilled to find there was a solution.

    You are indeed very lucky to have a spouse that is not just supportive but raring to join you!
  13. Sheila Lagrand
    Sheila Lagrand
    Yes, I'm looking forward to the armrest. I figured something on the mandolin would be a better choice than something on my arm, like a Luva armpad.

    I've also taken note that Eastman makes mandolins with a "Comfort Curve Edge."

    And yes, I'm very lucky to be married to CS. I experience reminders every day. Every single day.
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