My Custom wood Apitius LS Voiced Rosine F-5

  1. William Smith
    William Smith
    Here are some photos of my Custom Wood Apitius Rosine! I picked out all the wood used, the neck profile, I had Oliver use a wide grain for the bass side top and very fine grain for the treble side of the top. Oliver said to me he's never done this before! I went with his newer LS voicing that's his Loar F-5 type voicing after studying a bunch of original 1920's Loar signed F-5's!

    There sure isn't nothing wrong with his style of standard/traditional type voicing so maybe I'll be able to get one of those in the future as Oliver builds some of the finest instruments available today! Oliver is in the very top tier of luthiers in my very short list of all the great builders I admire!

    I started this group as I think those who own these fine instruments need to show them off! I haven't received mine yet but it'll be arriving real soon and I just know it'll be a keeper!

    So those who admire his builds or even have them, please show them off on here so we all can see these fantastic builds. Thanks in advance and happy picking
  2. bradeasley
    Surely you've received your Apitius by now, William! I'm dying to hear all about it!

    I just put my deposit to get on the wait list (November 2021, baby!), and I'm also planning on getting a LS voiced mando from Oliver. Although I wish there were more audio/video samples to go off of. His standard Apitius voiced instruments absolutely blow me away, so it's a tough call to choose a different voicing without knowing for sure how it's going to sound.

    Let us know what you think of the tone and volume when you get it.
  3. William Smith
    William Smith
    No she'll be here this Thursday according to the shipping company? Yes it was a very tough call on what voicing! I'm sure it'll sound great but will take a lot of playing in to really develop the overall tone as I'm a firm believer they all get better with serious play.
  4. bradeasley
    Oh man, I'm excited for you! Have you played an Apitius before? If so, I'll definitely be interested to hear your review of how the LS voicing compares.
  5. William Smith
    William Smith
    Mine is still in limbo-I had to pay an import fee but called yesterday and now its in the hands of USPS and in Cleveland so I'm hoping she arrives tomorrow? And since its been here for two weeks I'll have to wait a day so it can acclimate to my house and pray there is no damage!!!!!
  6. William Smith
    William Smith
    Well mine arrived and I was worried as there was a huge forklift gouge about a foot long into the side and I could feel the case in there! I waited a whole day and night before I cracked into her, and luckily no damage! It is one mighty fine F-5, the entire build is top notch but will need seriously played to mellow and develop! Yep its a keeper!
  7. bradeasley
    Oh wow! I hate that feeling. I've had gear damaged in shipping, and it's the worst. Glad to hear you're liking it though!

    I'm officially on the wait list, deposit paid! Now I just have to hold my horses for a year while I wait.

    What's the verdict on the LS voicing? Still need time to open it up?
  8. William Smith
    William Smith
    Well Brad, I should feel SHAME as I don't play it as much as I should-I play my old 20's-30's F-5's all the time, but I have noticed the Apitius getting better and better, the LS voicing is indeed very special!
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