Woo hoo! My mandolin is off to get set up!

  1. Lufbery
    It has been a crazy half year, but things are settling down. So I was finally able to take the mandolin I inherited from my father to a local luthier (David Strait in Boiling Springs, PA) to get set up. I have read Mr. Meldrum's book on how to set up a mandolin, so I understood what Mr. Strait was describing when he diagnosed the instrument's issues and his plan to address them.

    Overall the Gretsch New Yorker is in good shape. The tuners are good (which I've noticed; the instrument stays in tune pretty well). He described the set up as maintenance and not repair. The problems I'm having are (1) as I play up the neck, the tone goes sharp: (2) the A strings are lower than the other three sets: and (3) pressing the strings on the first fret is brutally hard.

    He will make sure the bridge and saddle are fitted well to the body of the mandolin and may sand the assembly to get a perfect fit. He's also going to replace the plastic nut with a bone nut. He'll lower the action, but not too low so it doesn't buzz. Finally he will put on new strings.

    I have to wait about two weeks due to his workload. I wish it was like sending a car to repair where they provide a loaner car. I'd love to have a loaner Mandolin to practice on while I wait.

    Anyway, I learned a lot in this visit with him taking measurements and explaining everything. I can't wait to get it back.


  2. HonketyHank
    It sounds like your New Yorker is in good hands.
  3. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    Easy solution, Lufbery: while the luthier has yours in for a setup start shopping for your second, backup mandolin. Or your first upgrade—your choice!
  4. HonketyHank
    But watch out. 'Tis a slippery slope ...
  5. Lufbery
    Ha! We just bought a house; my wife, kids, and mother (who has moved in with us) will kill me if I spend any more money right now. :-D
  6. SOMorris
    You go, Lufbery!
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