Stures Schottis

  1. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Eddie, I found another one, not as catchy as yours but I'm a sucker for schottis.

    Here's notation:

  2. Susanne
    Lovely stuff!! I must learn this one! Especially on the squeezebox...
  3. Eddie Sheehy
    I like it Dave. I'll give it a shot...
  4. llamela
    Now that is a Scottish
  5. Daci
    Definitely like that one!
  6. Susanne
    Wow I'm listening to this again since i'm looking for schottisches for my C/G accordion, and wow, it's lovely, and you absolutely manage to get that schottische rhythm!!! Here we go! i hope to post it within reasonable time...
  7. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Very cool tune, will have to try it out. Is this in G minor?
  8. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Yep Gm it is. I'll see if I can work up a multi-tracked version with chords.
  9. Susanne
    Can only say that I didn't make it work with the squeezebox, not sure why! Will try again though... can't just let it go!
  10. SweetTea
    Nice tune! I really like the tempo. Thanks for sharing it.
  11. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    David.... great rendition of a great tune!
  12. Susanne
    Here comes my recording of Stures schottis. I enjoyed myself by adding Schottis från Haverö after it.

  13. Rob Gerety
    Rob Gerety
    Lovely, as always. How do you do your videos with the still shots?

    I dance the schottis often, but I've never played a schottis - what is the defining characteristic of a schottis?
  14. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Nice playing Susi, I'm going to have to learn that 2nd tune.
  15. Susanne
    Hi guys! Thanks for your comments. Rob, a schottis is played a bit differently depending on the area. I'm used to playing them with a very accentuated first beat, because it is a dance tune and the accent there makes it more dancable. Other than that it's quite similar to a hornpipe. Other musicians who are more skilled theoretically than myself would probably describe it in some other way.. What do you mean with the still shots? Do you mean like my Flop eared mule video, with just a photo slide show with music? That one is made with just adding photos instead of video shots, and then adding background music. I use iMovie 09.

    David, let me know if you need any dots for Haverö - I know there are dots all over the internet. It's a very common tune.
  16. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    That was so nicely played Susi, I have to take a deep breath.
    I just wonder - don't the curled-up string ends obstruct your view on that little TV set? What programme is on?
  17. Susanne
    Thanks Bertram!!!

    I think it was some boring sitcom while waiting for Criminal Minds to start...btw, LITTLE was an interesting word to use about our TV!!!!
  18. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Little enough to fit on your mandolins headstock...
  19. Susanne
    Aaaah...I get it! I didn't notice!!!! I actually thought you noticed the TV by the changing light effects in the room...
  20. mculliton123
    Susi, i often leave my tuner on the headstock, too
  21. Susanne
    Yeah, especially out on festivals when the mandolin gets out of tune all the time. My mandolin is so nice and stable right now, but hasn't been out for a long long time!
  22. mculliton123
    I only use my tuner for ornamentation as my Mandolin was tuned at the factory.
  23. Susanne
    Ah certainly!! Maybe I should ask Victor to hire a tuner at the Flatbush factory?
  24. mculliton123
    It was posted elsewhere on the Forum that, at any one moment in time, there are only 3 mandolins in the entire world that are in tune...AND, that Chris Thile owns 2 of them!
  25. Susanne
    That boy must spend every minute tuning his mandolins then!!!
  26. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Susi I found the dots for Schottis från Haverö so here's my go on one of the rarest of all Swedish instruments: the resonator mandolin.

  27. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Here's the abc for the 2nd tune:

    T:Schottis från Haverö
    D2DE FGFE|D2A2 A4|d^cde f2f2|efe^c A2A2|
    D2DE FGFE|D2A2 A4|d^cde f2f2|1 e2{f}e^c d4:|2 e2{f}e^c d3f||
    |:a2a^g a2a2|fg(3f/g/f/e f2f2|e2{f}e^c A2A2|{G}FGFE (3E/F/E/D D2|
    a2a^g a2a2|fg(3f/g/f/e f2f2|e2{f}e^c Acec|1 d2d2 d3f:|2 d2d2 d4||
  28. Eddie Sheehy
    David. that weapon was used by the Vikings to conquer Europe...
  29. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Eddie, I second that - every oarsman had one... they had them tied along the sides of their ships for protection when they set out from Orkney to raid the isles of Erin and Alba.
  30. Eddie Sheehy
    And it came in handy as a bedpan...
  31. Susanne
    Very neat, David! I looove Swedish trad music on weird instruments!!! Mostly because I enjoy anything that goes against the Swedish trad music police (who nearly chase you out if you come in with anything else than a fiddle or possibly a clarinet).
    A friend of mine has a resonator mandolin like that, very cool.

    "Handy as a bedpan", very interesting expression!
  32. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks guys for the motivation, nice performance on the resonator/mandolin thing David. It actually sounds really nice.
    I still didn’t really go for it on this one, but I’m getting there!!
    And of course, it was a lot of fun.
  33. Frankdolin
    Nice one Simon! You do realize you revived an 11 year old thread.
  34. Jairo Ramos Parra
    Jairo Ramos Parra
    The beginning confused me, I thought a Sioux dance was coming ... but then everything changes and makes sense. Excellent interpretation, beautiful arrangement, one of your best!
  35. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Nicely done Simon, too bad you missed Suzi's version.
  36. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Well, this is different but really nicely put together. Is it me? or does it sound a bit middle eastern? Oh, Jairo says a Sioux dance..we are exploring the world of music.
  37. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Lady and Gents.
    It’s the old pioneer days of cowboys and injuns with the arrival of the iron horse!
    -or my trip to get vaccinated with my bicycle on the new (to me) train.
    It’s all there.

    I noticed Suzi’s missing link David, is this her?

    It’s partly in harmonic minor Ginny, my favourite but much maligned key!
  38. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Intriguing beginning, Simon, with a turn into a "Rainy Sundays and Windy Dreams" mood.

    I don't think Susi is the one in that video link, unless she has aged very rapidly and forgot all her playing skills.
  39. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Very creative, Simon! A very enjoyable piece, from the tom toms in the opening bars right through!
  40. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Bertram, though it’s going to get better! The sounds and tone weren’t exactly what I had in mind, and as usual there was a lot of film that I couldn’t use and some that I should have thought about in the process.
    For example I really wanted everything moving from right to left for optimism, more neutral tone on the vocals, and an extra A and B part and... etc.
    But it’s nice to just put it down and move on.

    And I like the tune being occasionally in harmonic minor.

    The Suzi in the vid probably visits MC as well, I left a comment, maybe she’ll join us?
    Anyone know the YouTube address of young Suzi? Does she still play mandolin?
  41. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Your octave mandolin moves like a train, Simon
  42. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks John and Christian, will get a proper set of headphones soon, I actually did everything on the iPhone so I’m reasonably happy will the result.
    Exactly my thought Christian, I wanted to record the whole trip and wait till the train got up to my optimum tempo and to use that as the backing track!

    I’m wondering if an app would do that, repeating over, say 8 measures...
  43. Sherry Cadenhead
    Sherry Cadenhead
    Simon, you said this was fun to play. It was sure fun to listen to.
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