Large flok mandolin plans for Pat O Loughin

  1. MrMoe
    I am hoping to post to some images of how I build octave mandolins and wood banjos. I started by buying a banjo case and drafted a plan for a shape that would fit. While I figure how to move the images they are in an album on my profile page. Title, plans. I also need help fixing the typo in the title. I am a LD kid with dyslexia.
    I am looking foward to seeing Mr. O Loughin`s harps and other musical creations!
    I am not so good navagating around thr Cafe so I will use a shared album in Google photos
  2. MrMoe
  3. MrMoe
  4. MrMoe
    I am trying to come uo with one body for sevreal neck options. I adjust the position of the X brace a little to keep it under the feet of the bridge for vairous scale lengths
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