Just joined lefty group.

  1. sja33
    Evening all. Another lefty to join the group. Im also a newbie to mandolins and just started learning. Loving it so far. I had Mike at big muddy mandolins make me a custom flat top oval mandolin. Any advice from yall experts is most appreciated.

  2. MrMoe
    Welcome Scott, Congratulations on your Mandolin! We have a 1999 Maple Mid Missouri Mandolin. I attempt to play it upside down. My advice, Play every day. I have failed to do so and regret it. My lefty guitar is a 1993 Seagull S6DLX. The guitar and the mandolin both get better with age, especially if you play every day.
    Best regards, Maurice
  3. sja33
    My guitar is a seagull S6, great brand
  4. MrMoe
    Seagull and Mid Missouri have things in common. I rather accidently got a really good guitar (for just $311.00 new with HCS in 93) because Seagull offered them left handed. Two of my guitar buddys Taylor and Martin owners got themselves Seagulls after seeing & hearing mine. I am looking foward to trying a Seagull mandolin.
  5. sja33
    Wish seagull Mando came lefty
  6. MrMoe
    That is an unfortunate plague of playing left handed. I never made much progress on my lefty mandolins and no one else could use them. So I started over upside down. I still make very little progress. I hope to make it to Southpaw guitars in Huston TX some day.
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