Mercedes Benz

  1. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Ooooh no!
    I was sure there was already a thread for this song…
  2. Frankdolin
    Simon that was too much fun! Awesome relaxed vocals with the perfect voice for this rendition. It Really made me want to be beside you, throwing in fills!
  3. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks a lot Frank, I actually did miss you guys while playing this.
    If you want to do a vid on how to do fills? I’ve no idea!
    -I need to do something like a one week course of just mando-accompaniment.
  4. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Well this was fun - in many ways. It always fluxoms me to hear a members actual voice. I think I have heard yours before though Simon when you wished me Happy Birthday. You sound quite Canadian. Also it's like took my trees away - but you can't take me !
  5. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    after the helicopter reference, you must do Money for Nothing next
  6. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Not only do you play jigs at breakneck speed, you're also a fine singer and rhythm player, Simon!
  7. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    That was my Canadian singing voice Ginny!
    Ha, ha, Bertram don’t laugh, you’re up next!!
    Too kind Christian, if only I could play a heavenly tremolo!!
  8. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Great stuff, Simon and very relaxed performance once again. You handle the instrusion so happily too. I am curious to know how many tracks you actually have in this audio - I am sure I detect that Keech banjo playing behind your chords, and there is a strong bass line too, I reckon. Did you record the audio then go out and film yourself singing - the standard way many of us do the videos where we appear in them? Whatever you did, it is really effective and enjoyable.
  9. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks John, my method: the go out and record it just-like-that method!
  10. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Sorry had to rewrite the above, it’s a bit confusing!
    I basically record a vid outside and then add the banjo track back at home.
    BUT because the gain on the outside recording is often too low (I’m trying to reduce extraneous sounds, birds etc), I strip this track off the vid and I send it up to Bandlab for CD quality amplification.

    Then I put the octave and banjo back onto the vid, there’s no miming involved. The little issue here was that the vid still had the original low volume/un-cleaned up soundtrack on it that was slightly out of sync. So three tracks all together, the banjo, and the same two octave tracks but one is loud and cleaned up and the other is low volume and raw.

    Hope that’s clear

    The simplified bass line comes from the octave.
  11. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Hereís Frank and Simonís version!
  12. Frithjof
    Cool! Thus it was Frank who came over with his helicopter…
  13. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Frank’s got a helicopter as well as motorbikes?
    So it’s a rejection of consumerism, for Wiki.
    But the song does mention The Lord. So is that a Religious Lord or a Feudal Lord?
    And there’s a helicopter! Maybe the song is also a rejection of the moral imperative where countries justify their armaments consumerism by using religion to demonise the people in the enemy country?
    Or it could just be bad individuals?
    Or maybe the song is talking about domination/addiction/loss of self control?
    Waiting for the next drink or waiting for a TV delivery is a bit like waiting for Amazon.

    But apparently it was half written by a poet so perhaps we’ll never know what it means.
  14. gortnamona
    Class Simon, youve put me in the mood for some Janis Joplin now
  15. Frankdolin
    I had fun with this! I just had Simon send me over an MP3 of his video. I copied that to my Tascam, and proceeded to play all over him. I remember 1970 like yesterday. And this song appealed to me because of the melody and being a cappella. As far as the meaning, I always thought it was a commentary on the mostly hypocritical, selfish society that existed. And still does.
  16. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    You should sing moroften Simon!
    Nice licks by Frank!
  17. JL277z
    Sounds good Simon, and Frank and Simon!
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