1. Norm Buck
    Norm Buck
    Hello fellow mandoliners... just a shout out from the Kingston area!
  2. cbud
    Hi Norm - i live not too far from you (hudson QC) - just a beginner mandoliner, but enjoying it immensely. Is kingston active?
  3. Norm Buck
    Norm Buck
    hey cbud... I'm a beginner myself... hudson Q.C. i'm gonna have to look up! As far as activity goes, I'm attending a bimonthly music circle.... looking for more action, closer to home. I think there is more going on around here than I know about, I just have to ask around...
  4. TNT
    Hey Norm , I'm in Belleville, there is a fair bit of activity around Kingston. I play with Bill White and White Pine, who are local to Kingston. Oshawa bluerass club has a get together once a month in the winter lots of jamming and they usually have a "guest band" that does a set. I think their first day is tomarrow Oct 18. They have different levels nso being beginner is ok .
  5. Mike Crocker
    Mike Crocker
    Hi, from Huron County, Ontario. Ships still coming in to take on salt, but it's cold (-5 right now but it was -15 overnight). Time to stay in and pick.

    Peace, Mike.
  6. S. Bracken
    S. Bracken
    Beginner/intermediate mando player in Toronto looking for slowish jams/others to jam with. Anyone out there??
  7. Aaron Woods
    Aaron Woods
    Hey from Carlisle, ON. Former home to a bluegrass festival!... seems we're a few years too late!

    Anyone have any memories or pictures of the Carlisle festival? I'd be very interested.


  8. Wayne Bagley
    Wayne Bagley
    I just joined the forum. Been playing mandolin for two weeks now. I'm from Windsor, ON.
  9. timthebear
    hey theoldman,
    I'm from Windsor too (La Salle actually), we're the same age, and I also play guitar and mando. I just joined yesterday. I live in beautiful Bruce County now. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
    54 is not old! I hope.
  10. Wayne Bagley
    Wayne Bagley
    nice to meet you bear.

    When I was young I had cousins who lived down the street. Everyone kid in the family played at least three instruments - all country music. My one cousin was incredible on the mandolin. I have been interested in the mandolin ever since the first time I heard him play. It took a while for me to get into it but better late than never.
  11. timthebear
    OK, Winter's over. Hibernation done. Anyone else awake yet?
  12. Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker
    I live near Smiths Falls, ON in a town called Jasper. Been playing Irish bouzouki for a few years now after years of guitar.
  13. the_polish_mandolinist
    Hi there! Beginner mandoliner here from "steel city" Hamilton. Just bought a Loar 600 in Buffalo last night. We dont seem to have many good used mandolins floatin around up here.
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