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  1. MikeEdgerton
    To make it a little easier we'll provde these two search links for threads that have Strad-O-Lin or StradOLin in the subject line. They are as follows:



    There are more threads that mention these instruments. These are the easiest to navigate as the name is in the subject line.
  2. Randi Gormley
    Randi Gormley
    i remember my first search for the strad-o-lin name before i joined the cafe last year; it's nice to have them all gathered together. many thanks! I ran into one of us last summer at CIAW -- he was a very nice guy from the Boston area and we were sitting around before class started and I struck up a conversation by saying, "what kind of mandolin do you play?" and he said "strad-o-lin" at which point I knew he was the right sort! We compared mandos -- his was a little younger and had a tortoise pick guard, if i remember correctly.
  3. MikeEdgerton
    I'm going to try and find some of the pictures of the Strad-O-Lin genre mandolins that have passed through my hands and get those up here as well. Feel free to post some pictures of your mandolin.
  4. dallash43
    Are there Strad-o-lin's with the more common f-style holes? Like this one

    I'm looking for one, but am not so sure of this one.
  5. MikeEdgerton
    As disucussed on the message board that wasn't a Strad-O-Lin.
  6. Pookie
    i just acquired a Stradolin. it came via a trade for an acoustic/electric. i definitely got the better end of the deal. i'll play this for a long time. i have a question that maybe some of you can answer: the E string doesn't sound as good as the other 3. is this a setup issue? additionally, the neck has a slight bow. i don't think that this is an issue, but i am new to this make, and i want to learn as much as possible.

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