Compton & Grier in Marshalltown, IA Oct 1

  1. Chris Thiessen
    Chris Thiessen
    Greetings, fellow Mando-Iowans!

    Fretboard wizards David Grier and Mike Compton will stop in Marshalltown, IA for a workshop/concert on Thursday, October 1. A small-group two-hour workshop for mandolin (featuring Mr. Compton) or guitar (featuring Mr. Grier) will be held from 4PM until 6PM; cost is $50 per person. Concert will start at 8PM (doors open at 7:30PM); tickets are $20. All events are at Central Christian Church, 300 West Main Street, Marshalltown (about 50 miles northeast of Des Moines). The venue is acoustically excellent but intimate; for this event, best get your tickets early.

    Contact Chris Thiessen (641-691-1158) for workshop or concert reservations or ticket pre-purchase.

    I know these guys are also appearing in Davenport for much less, but if you're closer to Des Moines, this may be an alternative to the travel time.

    Chris Thiessen
  2. H.P.
    I'm trying to get my mind around why the cost for the workshop and concert is $7.00 in Davenport ( ) and $70.00 in Marshalltown? I live in Marshalltown, but I think I'm going to pass on this one.
  3. Chris Thiessen
    Chris Thiessen
    HP: One word to help clarify your confusion: subsidy.

  4. jessboo
    not to mention the red stone room is 250 seat room.
    how many folks can you get in the place in marshalltown?
    i'm a lot closer to davenport
  5. Chris Thiessen
    Chris Thiessen
    The Marshalltown venue holds about 170 comfortably. Of course, the workshops will be far more intimate (limited to 5-6) rather than the mass "everyone with a ticket can attend."
  6. jessboo
    the greatest show to go threw and nobody comments. if the show and marshelltown was as good as the one in davenport. it was the bomb.
  7. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    It shoulda been. I would hope the ticket price didn't keep folks away as an intimate setting with those two is a real treat!
  8. Chris Thiessen
    Chris Thiessen
    Just a quick update: the Grier/Compton show was, of course, fantastic. We were privy to two immense talents just sitting around and playing. Most cool. But a follow-up question to Joe Nobiling's question on ticket prices: without a subsidy (which the Davenport show had), what do folks feel would be a "reasonable" ticket price for such a show?
  9. jessboo
    i missed the work shop. but the cost of the two hour trip to mashall town to see mike and dave and back to muscatine. I'd do that tickets the wife and i $40 gas $25 plus food drive threw on 80. heck lets drive over to frankford Ill. tickets there were more then marshell town. smaller venue. thats about three hours from me. am i crazy to want to make that drive for this show. we know the show is worth the price of the ticket( again not talking about the workshop.)
  10. jessboo
    i mean can dave get the tone out of that 28. OMG
    and mike i am speechless
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