Possible pickin' party... any takers?

  1. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    If I were to host a jam at my house Saturday, October 31, say from 1:00-9:00 p.m., would anyone be interested? Wanting to hear some feedback and see if I should make it a go or shoot for a different date. Can grill out for dinner if ya'll would want to chip in and/or bring some goodies.

    I am about 30 minutes west of Dayton, just a few miles south of I-70.

    Let's hear it!

  2. KyleBerry
    I'm in for it!!
  3. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    It has been brought to my attention that October 31 is the Classical Mandolin Society of America's final day of their meeting in Dayton, and I want to go to it! (Brian Dean, a Canadian luthier, will have one of his fabulous bowlbacks with fluted ribs with him, and I SO want to see one in person!)

    So how about I put a couple dates out there and ya'll let me know which one works best, and we'll go from there?

    Saturday, October 24
    Saturday, November 7
    Saturday, November 21 (weekend before Thanksgiving)

  4. Roger Mace
    Roger Mace
    Those all look good for me.

  5. DannyB
    I have to work on the 31st but some of the other dates I might be able to make the drive.
  6. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Just a note - it looks like this is going to get off the ground. The 2 dates that I've gotten the most positive feedback on are Nov. 7 and Nov. 21. I will let everyone know as soon as the date is set!
  7. Dukaine
    Hey there,

    I'm so glad to have found this group. I live in Cincinnati (Sharonville) and have been playing the mandolin for about 1 year. I play guitar in a bluegrass gospel group at church. Could a newbie attend your gathering in November?
  8. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
  9. Dukaine
    Thanks Tracy,
    Looking forward to playing with other Mando lovers.
  10. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Me too, I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!
  11. Dukaine
    At the Classical Mandolin Society meeting do you have to belong to their group to visit the vendors and other attractions?
  12. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I don't think so. Here's a copy of the email I received from one of the ladies in charge.

    The convention runs from Wed., Oct. 28 through Sunday, Nov. 1. Vendor
    area open each day but Sunday. It would be appreciated if you put
    something in the pot, so to speak, to help the cause. The cause is
    helping us break even for the convention, as it relies on ticket sales
    to the two concerts to do that. Everything else is a steal. CMSA keeps
    registration very reasonable so more people can afford to attend.
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