mandolin instructional materials

  1. Joe Pickett
    Joe Pickett
    I'm interested in knowing what types of instructional materials (books,DVDs, CDs, etc.) people use for their lessons.
    I start many of my students with Hal Leonard Mandolin Method Book 1 by Rich DelGrosso.
    I like to use Tabledit.
    I use the garageband program on my laptop to make recordings for students that I can burn to CD.
    Any other useful books, tools, ideas that I should consider?
  2. Mike Bunting
    I use a mix of all that I have accumulated over the years. I like the Greg Horne series since I seem to get mostly beginners. I have a couple of students who use Macs so I'll sometimes send them a video of me explaining a point.
  3. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall
    I've used Bert Casey's Bluegrass Mandolin Primer. Most of the tunes are fiddle standards. The arrangements are simple but musically interesting.

    What do you like about the DelGrosso and Horne books?
  4. Joe Pickett
    Joe Pickett
    I have used the Mandolin Primer book with several students as well. The Greg Horne series is good also. I like the DelGrosso book for students who are interested in learning to read standard notation. It has a good variety of tunes in different genres and harmony parts on many of the tunes for the teacher to play along with the student - which is fun.
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