Rene´s Blues

  1. bluesmandolinman
    I am definitly no teacher - just a hobby musician

    but as suggested by gregjones and Jim I start this thread with my videos

    I hope they are usefull for all you blues aficionados

    so far I uploaded 4 lessons ( 2 already shown in the other thread )

    .... more to come

    5 Turnarounds

    Chicago shuffle type back up

    Texas shuffle back up a la "Rock me mama"

    Charlie McCoy Intro to "Sleeping by myself"
  2. JimRichter
    No such thing as a hobby musician, Rene. You're either a musician or not. You are a musician. Proudly accept it!
  3. Amandalyn
    Thank you Rene for your input, much appreciated!
  4. bluesmandolinman
    ok I thought whatever I do there must be a kind of series/structure in the lessons

    beside turnarounds and shuffles ( more to come on both) I start a series of licks because from what I read here on the cafe many players are "thinking licks" ....

    let me know if this is usefull

    Blues Licks Part 1
    this is a Blues lick you might hear in Texas Blues a la Freddy King

  5. gregjones
    That's it!!

    Thanks, you are right on track.
  6. Dan Hoover
    Dan Hoover
    very cool..thanks..
  7. ald
    Excellent stuff, Réne. I don't know if I imagined this but I thought I found a clip of you playing St. James Infirmary the other but I can't find it anymore. If it was you that was a great version and the solo was very neat.
  8. Charley wild
    Charley wild
    Some great stuff, Rene! Keep it coming!
  9. Tiburon Slim
    Tiburon Slim
    San-Ho-Zay! That one seems to lend itself to mando. I'm just a beginner, but San-Ho-Zay tumbled out of my mando by accident one day, and it keeps happening -- though not with the nice double stops you've slipped in there. Good work, and keep 'em coming.
  10. bluesmandolinman
    thought I post another fun and easy lick

  11. ald
    Great René. What sorts of songs would you use that lick in?
  12. bluesmandolinman
    this social group has been very lame lately ( accept Jim and Bart of course)

    I would love to see anyone else from the 104 members of this group to post something

    here is another Texas Blues Shuffle variation, hope you find it

  13. bluesmandolinman
    so the split screen video of Anthony really caught my intention so I decided to try one for myself.

    Ok the back up video is not perfectly syncronised ( audio yes but not the video ) but for the first time I think its not that bad.

    Feedback how to technically improve these videos is welcome. For example I would like to know how I can improve the picture quality... it´s perfect on my computer but blurry on the tube... well well well
  14. mr.Bill
    real nice!!!
  15. ald
    Rene, that is nice. Can you give an example of a song you would use that in?
  16. bluesmandolinman
    ald , I don´t have a particular song in mind.
    It´s standard Blues progression so just ask your guitar friend to play a few turns and jam along.
  17. bmac

    Just went through your series of demonstrations again and am learning from them all, but just thought I'd mention that some of your short lessons might benefit by repetition of a given lick several times so that the viewer can follow and practice without constantly having to reach over and re-run the short video. At least I find that act of re-running distracting. Students (like us) seldom get it the first time... It is the repitition both by teacher and students which helps the information sink in. You will not bore us by repition.

    Keep'em coming.

  18. bluesmandolinman
    Thanks for that comment... without advice I am not able to improve things
    I try to consider your request for future videos to come
  19. Tomm Truckenmueller
    Tomm Truckenmueller
    Hi René:

    Happened to step into your thread. Nice small lessons - but you seem to be kind a headless on the videos.
    Would be grat, if ya# wanna say HELLO the nex' time?

    Be well
  20. bluesmandolinman
    so here are 2 more "headless" bluesmando lessons / Solos for Shuffles in A and E

  21. Ron McMillan
    Ron McMillan
    Hi there. I just joined the Blues group, and am delighted to 'discover' your thread with your instruction clips. One request for future clips. Could you please help hopeless guys like me with the key to whatever lick or riff or turnaround you are playing? (I know you have it in the latest clips; I refer to your earlier ones).

    I can often work it out - but sometimes that takes forever. Knowing the key even before I start learning it will make me more aware and more able to start incorporating the new sequence into other songs I already know.

    Thanks again for the great work.

  22. bluesmandolinman
    I posted this in another thread already but want to post it here too to keep things together

    Robert Johnson style intro

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