1. un5trung
    Hi ya --

    Please let's introduce ourselves -- where we live, what music we play, etc.

    I'm a banjo player newly interested in the mandolin, and not very advanced, I'm afraid. I'm starting out in the old timey/Great Folk Scare mode, but am willing to see where things take me. I play an Eastman 604 -- a-style, oval hole.

    In real life I'm a 49 year old information professional living with my wife and dogs in North Jersey.

    Robert "Un5trung"
  2. sean808080
    Hi Robert
    I'm in Central NJ and play a gibson f9 and a mid-missouri m1w. I've been playing for about 3 years or so and have attended a few mandolin camps out of Mass.

    My progress is slow but steady. I usually play whatever the jam I"m participating in has on the slate. When I"m on my own and playing along to tunes, I gravitate towards newgrass type stuff.

    In real life, I'm a 43 yo sign language interpreter.

  3. pigpen
    I'll be moving to NYC in I'm not offical yet, I guess.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what/where/who I can find to play with. I like just about any music, and play mostly bluegrassy stuff.

    In real life, I'm a psychiatrist.
  4. yellowbarber
    Happy 2011!
    I'm in NYC since 2001, up from Va. I'm a hired gun bluegrass/oldtime/irish guitarist/fiddle/mandolin holder. I co-host/attend the Wed night BG-OT session which is currently at the Grizzly Pear on MacDougal St. and go home to Va as often as possible to keep my sanity intact.

    In real life I'm an irascible layabout, easily coaxed into general contracting jobs.
  5. Geiss
    Hey All, I am in Union NJ and playing a nice Collings oval. I like blues, ragtime, fiddle tunes and trying my hand at choro. Also some flatpicking on steel string guitar!

    In real life an attorney, XC skier, sailor and artist.....
  6. JP Mando
    JP Mando
    Well it looks like very little has happened here in 3 years. But here goes.
    I play mandolin -- Summits (3 of them 2 F's and an A) and live on the Upper West Side.

    All kinds of music

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