CMS meeting in Dayton

  1. Dukaine
    Who's going to the Classical Mandolin Society meeting this week? I think I'm going to try to get up there during the day on Friday.
  2. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I'm hoping to go on Saturday for a bit.
  3. KyleBerry
    I can go on friday. I don't got anything better to do, so I might just check it out.
  4. Dukaine
    I know I can't participate in the society meetings but I'm hoping to see the vendor area. Just being around players and instruments and related info will be pleasant.
  5. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I'm looking forward to seeing one of Brian Dean's bowlbacks. You can find pics in the "Mandolins in Progress" thread. Absolutely amazing luthier!
  6. Dukaine
    New pix in group pictures are from the Classical Mandolin Society meeting '09 vendor area.
  7. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I went to the concert last night, and went back again this morning for a bit to peruse the goods (vendors were gone by the time I got there last night). Got to drool on Brian Dean's bowlback and chat with him for a bit. Picked on the Taylor 2 point a little. Nice! Added my pics from the concert last night.
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