Any other Monte owners out there.

  1. Bob Knysz
    Bob Knysz
    This is a real quite group.
    Let's hear from you all
  2. teet13
    Sorry it's so quiet! Lot's going on. How long have you had your Monteleone? I bought mine from John back in 1982. This is the second Monteleone I've owned. The first was John's #2, created as a full Gibson copy, complete with logo, etc. That was a monster mando, but like a fool, I sold it about 5 years after getting my Grand Artist. Great sound and I'm sure it would be worth a small fortune now!! About the same time I sold a Unicorn Master Model. That was an awesome sounding mando, really woody, punchy and loud. I purchased that mando in 1976, back when Rolf was making Unicorns. Truly great mandolins!
    I started playing mandolin in 1964. Over the years I've owned a bunch - a Gibson A1, A-50, F2, F4. I enjoy playing the Monty more than any of them however.
  3. Mando Mafia
    Mando Mafia
    Just found this group...I’m in! My Monteleone is #6, built in 1976. It’s a one of a kind, two pointer with a modified ‘moccasin’ style headstock, gorgeous tightly flamed back and a sweet Monte sound. John once said that this was the prototype for his Baby Grand model. I got it from Elderly Instruments in the mid 90s when by chance I was in Lansing passing through to go to a had only been in the store on consignment a couple of days. The stars were definitely aligned that day! I’ll try and post some photos.
    - Pete
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