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  1. Roger Mace
    Roger Mace
    Hello Tracy and Ohio mandoliners.

    I live near Columbus, have attended The OSU for some post-graduate courses since moving to the area about 30 years ago, and have a "The Buckeye" F-5 mandolin. I've met or know a couple of you in this group, and am pleased to see how many players there are in the surrounding communities. Keenan Wade (Columbus mandolinist) and I tried to get a mandolin ensemble going here a couple years ago, but only about 3 other people showed up, so it fizzled. There is a sponsoring near-OSU church with a mandolin playing music director who would host such an effort if there were enough players to form a strong ensemble. Maye this group will help make that happen.

    Roger Mace
  2. Scotti Adams
    I might be tempted to host a mando tasting bash at my place sometime this summer.
  3. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    That'd be awesome, Scotti! As I said, I'd be glad to have it here but it's going to be at least an hour drive for the southern and eastern folks. Maybe more would be interested if it were in your neck of the woods.
  4. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    I really like the group avatar you picked out, Tracy. Where did you find it?
  5. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Thanks! I did a google image search for Ohio, and kept looking until I found something I liked. I forget which website I stole it off of.
  6. DannyB
    I'm in Fostoria, Ohio but my band members range from Akron all the way to here coming west. Quite a distance between us but we manage.
  7. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Welcome Danny! That's not too bad a spread for a band, I guess. Dry Branch Fire Squad has one near Urbana, one in Colorado, one in Chicago... not sure where the 4th is! lol Glad you found us.
  8. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Do you guys realize that we are the 2nd largest regional group, only behind Texas? And we're like the 6th largest social group overall? That's cool!
  9. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    Yeah, that's purty neat. Who has the most discussions going on? Oh.... guess I can go look myself!
  10. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    Right now Ohio has 92 messages, followed by Puget Sound Pickers (87) and Texans! (80).

    Does that mean we're on here more because we have less to do?
  11. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    We DO have the highest unemployment rate out of all the states...
  12. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
  13. John Gardinsky
    John Gardinsky
    Howdy folks- I live in Cambridge. I 've been pickin' mandolins for about 8 or 9 years now and guitars for around 14 years. Mostly bluegrass but by no means tied down to it. I've met Tracy, Bernie, Darrin, and Jacob at some point in the last few years all at the Monroe Camp. I play a Red Diamond Vintage F #193 and a Gibson F5G. I think Jacob may have had some hand in #193? I think a mando party would be fun if schedules allow.
    Take care,
    John Gardinsky
  14. BIGDAD
    Hey All, If anyones near the Toledo area, really Maumee,Oh. Third Time Out is havinf a concert at 7:00 at The Glass City Opry. There on the web if ya need tickets. Go Wayne Benson!!!! Should be a great time to see and listen to.
  15. Yellowmandolin
    Hey John, your #193 was one of my favorite from that batch... I'm glad you were able to pick that one up!
  16. Don
    I'm Don and I live in Sidney , Ohio. I want to thank Tracy for inviting me to join the group. I do have a couple of mandolins,and figure on learning how to make em sing,one of these days.
  17. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Welcome Don! That's a beautifully figured back you've got on that mando. No time like the present to learn to make it sing!
  18. David Back
    David Back
    Hey Don I work jusy outside of Sidney. Where do you jam at. I would love to see the rest of that beautiful mando.
  19. DannyB
    BIGDAD. I went to that IIIrd Tyme Out show and they were as great as always. Wayne is a hoss!
  20. KyleBerry
    Ok those of you around SW Ohio we need to get together sometime and jam. Any one interested?
  21. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I was waiting to see if Scotti was going to get anything together.
  22. KyleBerry
    Tracy why don't you go ahead and PM everybody and see if anybody is interested. You can invite them to our little jam after Church every night. lol
  23. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I don't think Sue would want to stay as long as we'd be playing! lol
  24. KyleBerry
    Oh then we could take it outside. lol. Then go to your house and keep Curt up all night.
  25. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    He'd appreciate that, I'm sure! lol Maybe we'll shoot for September when it cools down a little.
  26. Clif Wayland
    Clif Wayland
    I just posted in the events thread, so I figured I should introduce myself.
    My name is Clif and I live in Baltimore, OH. I noticed I live just up (down) the road from Roger Mace.
    I can play guitar decently and noodle on the mandolin along with other stringed thingies.
    I would play more if I could get together with some others for inspiration and tips!
  27. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Taurodant -- I missed your post utill now. You have a good memory!

    Your avatar looks familiar -- I was only at Monroe camp #1 but I intend to start regular attendence next year. What were you playing at that first camp?

    Tracy thanks for the tips on the jams -- need to get the old body over there.

    Another idea as to a party -- that is always tough to arrange but maybe we could start organizing an Mandolin Cafe --Ohio Chapter jam at the various local festivals and eventually a lot of us would meet that way.
  28. KyleBerry
    Bernie are you going to go to the MACC? I don't know if I will go yet. If anybody wants to volunteer to have a jam at they're house. My house isn't big enough to hose a jam. But if it was I would be willing to volunteer. We could always host a jam at a park.
  29. KyleBerry
    Clif you are near columbus. I see there are quite a few of us around central and SW Ohio. So I don't think it should be very hard to get a jam together.
  30. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Hi Kyle,

    I'm having a (temporary?) memory loss what is MACC and when is it? Thanks!
  31. KyleBerry
    Musicians Against Childhood Cancer, July 22-25 in Columbus. http://www.bluegrassclassic.com/ Some really good groups are playing.
  32. k_rowan
    Another buckeye here, from Fairport Harbor, work in Beachwood, close to Cleveland..
    My wife and I used to travel quite a bit, but her back surgery has put quite the kabosh on our road trips/festivals.
    I've got an epiphone blackface A and a Gloucester F mando, an octave mando and a fiddle that doesn't seem to like me very much!
    i'll probably make it to Nelson Ledges for Ralph Stanley, and maybe The Recipe.. for more info on the ledges check out
  33. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Welcome, k_rowan
  34. k_rowan
    thanks Tracy!
  35. Yellowmandolin
    I'd just like to put in another plug for the MACC festival for those of you within driving distance of Columbus. Great bands, great pickin, and the ticket money goes to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. My cousin was fortunate enough to go there and we are all grateful for the extra time they gave her. I'll be there, so keep an eye out for a long haired guy with a Calton covered in stickers and a Collings MT if you want to pick a few tunes.
  36. Gwilada
    Hello everyone. Scott Carnder here. I live in Cincinnati, and play in a couple of bands, The Sloes, and Hickory Robot. I own two Kimbles- an A-style (#157) and an OM (#119). Glad to know ya! If you're on the eastside of Cincinnati for any reason and want to pick, come by the Willis Music at the Eastgate Mall...I'm the one walking around with a mandolin.
  37. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Welcome Scott! I think you're one of my MySpace friends... one of the girls in your band thinks pretty highly of your playing!
  38. greenhorn
    Hi everyone as you can tell by my name i'm new to playing the mando am looking for someone in the dayton area who gves lessons any help would be great thanks
  39. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    Hi greenhorn and welcome! I can't help out with the lessons question. Sorry.
  40. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Hi greenhorn! How far are you willing to drive for lessons? I can refer you to 3 excellent pickers either in Middletown, Lebanon, or Springfield. I know there IS a music store in Dayton that gives mando lessons... but I can't remember which one it is. You might call around and ask.
  41. Brooke
    Hi Greenhorn. I am your first cousin. I got my mandolin for Christmas almost 3 years ago and have only half-heartedly been learning. But now I am ready to get to get'n. Good luck to you. I am interviewing an instructor in Cleveland next week.
  42. Dawgeared
    Hi All, I've been lurking on this site for some time now. I took the plunge and registered this morning. So I am now a member and resident of the OHIO pickers. I've noticed a few folks in this group are located in northeast ohio, it would be fun to get together sometime. My friend Mark is also a member of this group and we do get together occasionally to pick. I know of a few picking circles here in the Cleveland area if anyone would be interested let me know. As I'm sure we are all aware, time is moving on at a quick pace, and work and family always comes first. With that said, I must admit that I don't practice nearly enough. But I love to play. I consider myself an intermediate player, love to chop chords, play bluegrass, folk, swing, Tim O'Brien, and when I can figure out his songs, the Dawg's music. Jim
  43. Dukaine
    Welcome, Jim.
  44. Vernold of the Norf
    Vernold of the Norf
    Hi Folks,
    My name is Vern. I live in a little town named Oak Hoarbor, near Port Clinton, well, not far from Cedar Point. Been playing bluegrass for a few years now. I am just a jammer, I love going to festivals. The ones I got to each year are the Appalachian Uprising, I Love Kendalville. I go to the festivals in Nova Ohio. This summer I got to go to the Newgrass festival in Kentucky (was a great time) I get to the Macc when I can. I go to different Jam sessions around here. We have a jam in Gypsum Ohio every Tuesday and Friday night. There is a jam in Gibsonburg every other weekend. I have been known to got o Fitchville Bluegrass Hide Away too. Mostly I just like going to play music either on stage or in a jam.
    I play the guitar and bass and just started working on the mandolin. I hope to get a better one when I get better. I need to get better so I can have a good arguement with the better half so she will let me buy yet another toy....lol.
    I hope to meet and see some of you people around. I like meeting new people.

  45. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Welcome Vern! Glad to see you here.
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